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Rob Font bloodies Cody Garbrandt in dominant decision win | UFC Vegas 27

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UFC Fight Night: Font v Garbrandt Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Cody Garbrandt and Rob Font face off today (Sat., May 22, 2021) in a main event Bantamweight clash from UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Vegas 27. Garbrandt enters this bout following a vicious knockout win last year opposite Raphael Assuncao, a knockout slick enough that it saw him momentarily receive a Flyweight title shot! COVID-19 torched those plans, but Garbrandt is aiming to advance up the ladder in both divisions. Meanwhile, Font is riding one hell of a three-fight win streak, but he still needs that last signature win to really call for a title shot.

Only one athlete will take a step closer to Bantamweight gold. Strap in for tonight’s main event and follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Hard low kick from Garbrandt opens the bout. One more. Font answers with a low kick of his own, then the two trade jabs. Lots of feints from the former champion. Good 1-2 connects for Font, and Garbrandt backs off. Heavy low kick from Garbrandt. Partial connection on a high kick from “No Love.” Front kick connects from Font, but Garbrandt answers with a takedown along the fence. Garbrandt lands a couple strikes before Font escapes back to his feet. Big right hand scores for Font, but Garbrandt takes him down when Font pursues further. Garbrandt lights him up on the way back to his feet then scores with a big left hook. Competitive round!

Round Two

Font opens round two with a body kick, but he’s quickly taken back down. Font is looking for submissions from his back. Font uses a kimura to escape to his feet. Font stuffs a takedown from his opponent then sticks a jab. Garbrandt finds a left hook. Font pursuing, looking for his jab. Clean elbow on the break scores for Font. Garbrandt mostly retreating in the latter half of the round. Garbrandt eats a right hand, scores with a spinning kick.

Round Three

Font aggressive to start the third, but he eats a jab. Font fires a right tot he mid-section then takes a calf kick. Good jab from Font. Counter combination scores for “No Love.” Both men land their right hand. Font pursuing, lands a two-piece combination, and denies a takedown attempt. Font tries to land a takedown of his own, and he eventually gets it ... briefly. Jab from Font. Big right hand counter from Garbrandt then a takedown attempt. Font defends, sticks another jab. Big right hand to the mid-section from Font. Garbrandt scores with a couple left hooks. Font returns to his heavy jab.

Round Four

Garbrandt chops the lead leg and lands some quick jabs. Font aggressive, lands a combination. Font lands a good counter combination, and he’s back to sticking Garbrandt with the jab. Southpaw left hand scores hard for Garbrandt. Font attacks the mid-section. Font lands a big 2-3 combination. Body-head combination scores hard for Font. Clean jab from Garbrandt. Font finds a home for another right. Chopping low kick from Font, followed by a 1-1-2 and high kick. Font drills his opponent with a right, but somehow, Garbrandt eats it. Another! Lots of jabs score for Font, and he’s firmly in control of this bout with five minutes remaining.

Round Five

Font backs his foe up with the jab. Garbrandt connects on a big right, and he’s on the offensive. Font doesn’t care though, and he lands a 1-2 of his own. Body-head combination from Garbrandt. Overhand from Garbrandt! Heavy combo from Font answers. Both men are landing jabs, then Font lands a heavy counter uppercut. Another clean overhand from Garbrandt, who is doing better in this round. Font briefly converts a caught kick into a takedown then lands a heavy right hand. 1-1-2 from Font. Garbrandt is hurt and backs off. Garbrandt tries a spin in the final seconds of the round, prompting Font to pull guard and stall out the final seconds.

Result: Rob Font defeats Cody Garbrandt via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 48-47)

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