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UFC Vegas 27 results: Jack Hermansson rallies, batters Edmen Shahbazyan on the mat for decision nod

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UFC Fight Night: Font v Garbrandt Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Jack Hermansson and Edmen Shahbazyan faced off in a Middleweight clash tonight (Sat., May 22, 2021) inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Vegas 27. Following a rough opening round, Hermansson controlled his opponent from top position.

Hermansson backed up his foe with early kicks, but Shahbazyan answered with a ripping body shot. Shahbazyan put together his combinations well in between trading jabs. Front kick from “The Joker.” Bad shot from Hermansson stuffed easily. More quick jabs from Shahbazyan, who then ripped the body once more. Big right hand around the guard of Hermansson, who fired back with a calf kick. Another shot from Hermansson is stuffed. Shahbazyan fired a combo, ate a calf kick. Hard jab from Shahbazyan, followed by a 1-2. Hermansson kept his guard high, but he still absorbed a lot of impact from his opponent’s punches. Strong opening round from Shahbazyan, who didn’t take many strikes outside of the low kick.

Hermansson forced the clinch early to start the second. He changed levels into the single leg takedown, ran the pipe, and finished the double. As Hermansson moved to climb into mount, Shahbazyan craftily swam out the back door and escaped to his feet. Hermansson latched onto a guillotine in the scramble, but Shahbazyan freed his neck. Hermansson took his opponent down once more, taking advantage of a guillotine attempt from Shahbazyan. Hermansson refused to settle in half guard, actively working to pass into side control or mount. Shahbazyan escaped out the back door once more, landing in top position this time. Shahbazyan finished the round in top position, making the round rather close after a strong start from the Swede.

Shahbazyan stuck an early jab then a big uppercut. Hermansson changed levels into a single leg, chain wrestled, and finished the shot. Hermansson was active with strikes from half guard. The clock ticked away as Hermasson continued to control and land short punches. The damage added up as blood began to spill from Shahbazyan’s face into his eyes. Heavy elbows from Hermansson did further damage. Hermansson passed into side control then a brief crucifix. Hermansson finished the bout in mount, reigning down punches.

This is classic Hermansson — the Swede is tough as nails! He overcame some early adversity to utterly dominate Shahbazyan, who continues to struggle at the elite level with both his conditioning and wrestling defense.

Result: Hermansson defeats Shahbazyan via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

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