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Mission accomplished! Elon Musk hooked up Beneil Dariush with new Tesla after UFC 262 callout

UFC 262: Ferguson v Dariush Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Beneil Dariush is at an interesting point in his life. Not only did he just win the biggest fight of his UFC career against Tony Ferguson at UFC 262 last weekend (May 15, 2021), he’s also about to become a father ... which if you know about his history, is a really, really big deal for him and his wife.

So while other fighters are 100 percent focused on converting that latest win into a step closer to the title, Dariush has no cares in the world other than the safety of his wife and child. He’s not looking to get back into the cage until next year, but one thing he wanted as soon as possible was a Tesla he ordered in 2020.

“Joe, I’m gonna call out your buddy Elon,” Dariush said during his post-victory interview with Joe Rogan. “Elon Musk! Where’s my car, bro? I’ve been waiting six months! I’m having a baby! I need a good car! I gotta protect my daughter! Let’s go Elon! Get me my car!”

It didn’t take long for the Internet to pass the message on to Musk, who replied with, “Coming soon, sorry for the delay!

Lest you think that’s the same, “Coming soon, sorry for the delay” thousands of other unfortunate people with Teslas on backorder get, we now have confirmation that Musk did indeed hook up Dariush.

“Elon Musk came through for Beneil Dariush with a free car until his order is ready,” Dariush’s manager Ali Abdelaziz wrote on Twitter. “Elon is a gangster!”

So it’s not Dariush’s new car, but a loaner Tesla for Dariush and his wife to drive until his new car is ready. That’s still pretty cool in our book and just more evidence that post-fight interviews are the perfect place to make strange celebrity demands, customer support requests, or call out questionable behavior.

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