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Pic: Conor McGregor just had another baby —‘Healthy boy delivered!’

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Conor McGregor’s wallet isn't the only thing to keep getting bigger, as “Notorious” and fiancé Dee Devlin recently welcomed baby number three.

“The McGregor Clan is now a family of five,” the former UFC champion wrote on Instagram. “Healthy baby boy delivered! Baby and Mammy Wonder Woman are doing great! God I thank you for everything you give to me and my family in this world. My newborn son, Rían McGregor.”

McGregor is expected to make his MMA return at the upcoming UFC 264 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 10 in Las Vegas, where “Notorious” will collide with longtime rival Dustin Poirier. A victory over “The Diamond” could land “Mystic Mac” another crack at the 155-pound crown.

A loss, however, could be a serious blow to his combat sports brand, but considering the kind of loot McGregor has been able to bring in over the last few years, he should be set for life, win or lose.