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Video: Chris Weidman already walking just three weeks after horrific leg break

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, who broke his leg completely in half with a first-round leg kick at UFC 261 back on April 24, is already walking again thanks to the magic of his anti-gravity treadmill at Performance Rehab Associates in North Carolina.

Next stop? Flight of stairs!

“Big day, I am able to get my foot back on the ground and walk on an anti-gravity treadmill,” Weidman wrote on Instagram. “This treadmill offsets my weight and allows me to load my foot and try to walk normally. This is the first step in getting back to loading shin and knee normally. We are trying to restart the conversation between my brain and my foot, increase blood flow, and accelerate healing.”

The faster he can heal, the faster he can get back inside the Octagon.

The soon to be 37 year-old “All American” suffered a technical knockout loss to Uriah Hall as a result of his injury and slips to 15-6 overall. Despite the long road ahead, Weidman insists his fighting days are not behind him, depending on the success of his recovery.

Time will tell.

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