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Video: Nick Diaz spars Tyson Fury ahead of rumored UFC return

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There are some things you don’t see everyday in the sport of MMA. Former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz training alongside heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is one of them.

Luckily, fight fans got a glimpse of a sparring session between Diaz and Fury on Friday. The footage was brief, but it’s still an interesting interaction involving two of the more unique personalities in combat sports. Check it out in the above video player.

From the outside looking in this seems like an odd meeting between two guys that normally wouldn’t cross paths. But considering Nick Diaz is preparing for his return to UFC later this year and “Gypsy King” has already expressed his interest to one day compete in MMA things become a little clearer.

While Diaz hasn’t competed in UFC in over six years he’s still one of the more experienced and intelligent fighters around. Coming to him for some training tips can’t hurt, especially since he’s gearing up for his return to the sport. Smart play by “Gypsy King.”

As for Fury, he’s currently scheduled to fight fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua this August. If the undefeated English boxer is able to capture a victory in the massive boxing match it could mean a crossover into the Octagon sometime in 2022.