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UFC 262 live stream results, ‘Oliveira vs Chandler’ play-by-play updates

UFC 262 live stream results and play-by-play updates will start to trickle in at 6:30 p.m. ET for the Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler-led pay-per-view (PPV) event on TONIGHT (Sat., May 15, 2021) inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, also featuring a 155-pound co-main event between Tony Ferguson and Beneil Dariush. The vacant lightweight title — left behind by the recently-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov — will be up for grabs in the five-round headliner, which means “Do Bronx” and “Iron” will be exiting “The Lone Star State” with more than just division bragging rights. And the promotion may quickly produce a No. 1 contender when Dustin Poirier battles former champion Conor McGregor in July. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 262 fight card below, starting with the early Fight Pass/ESPN+ “Prelims” matches at 6:30 p.m. ET, followed by the remaining undercard balance on ESPN/ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET, before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Oliveira vs. Chandler.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 262 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler — Oliveira def. Chandler by TKO (punches) at 0:19 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Tony Ferguson vs. Beneil Dariush — Dariush def. Ferguson by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Matt Schnell vs. Rogerio Bontorin — Bontorin def. Schnell by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Viviane Araujo vs. Katlyn Chookagian — Chookagian def. Araujo by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Edson Barboza vs. Shane Burgos — Barboza def. Burgos by TKO (punches) at 1:16 of Round Three
Andre Muniz vs. Ronaldo Souza — Muniz def. Souza by technical submission (armbar) at 3:59 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Mike Grundy vs. Lando Vannata — Vannata def. Grundy by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 30-27)
Jamie Pickett vs. Jordan Wright — Wright def. Pickett by TKO (strikes) at 1:04 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Andrea Lee vs. Antonina Shevchenko — Lee def. Shevchenko by submission (triangle armbar) at 4:52 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Priscila Cachoeira vs. Gina Mazany — Cachoeira def. Mazany by TKO (punches) at 4:51 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Kevin Aguilar vs. Tucker Lutz — Lutz def. Aguilar by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Christos Giagos vs. Sean Soriano — Giagos def. Soriano by technical submission (d’arce choke) at 0:59 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS


155 lbs.: Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler for vacant lightweight title

Round 1: Leg kick from Oliveira trips Chandler up for a moment. Chandler sending out jabs and right hands, targeting the body early. Check hook from Oliveira, bigger left hook from Chandler in return. Oliveira shoots in response and pops his had out of a guillotine, taking half guard. Looking for the back, has it a minute in. Both hooks in for Oliveira. He wraps up the body triangle and Chandler tries to slam his way free without success. Nasty cut above Oliveira’s right eye. Two minutes in. Oliveira looking to soften him up. Chandler spins into guard and stands over him, looking to drop punches. He kicks at Oliveira’s legs until the Brazilian stands. Two minutes to go.

Big left hook from Chandler and some follow-up bombs send Oliveira to the mat. Somehow, Oliveira manages to survive and close his guard. Hard GnP from Chandler. One minute to go. Good elbows. Oliveira latches onto him and holds tight. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 2: Oliveira comes out aggressive and drops Chandler with a left hook in the opening seconds. Chandler tries to pop back to his feet and gets buried in punches until the ref steps in. Charles Oliveira is your new UFC Lightweight Champion.

Final result: Oliveira def. Chandler by TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: Tony Ferguson vs. Beneil Dariush

Round 1: Quick counter left from Dariush to start. Combo to low kick, overhand left. Ferguson knocks him back momentarily. More pressure from Dariush, Ferguson sidesteps a shot. More left hands by Dariush. One minute in. Low kick, left hand. Really heavy pressure. He shoots and this one puts him on top in half guard. Questionable upkick from Ferguson, now looking for a triangle. Two minutes in. Ferguson continuing to finagle the triangle attempt, landing elbows as Dariush keeps him from locking it up. No dice, back to guard. Hard left hands from Dariush in guard. Ferguson tries a sweep with two minutes to go.

Dariush passes to half guard. Ferguson looks for a leg, eats more shots. One minute to go. Good balance from Dariush as Ferguson tries to work from his back. 10-9 Dariush.

Round 2: Dariush back on the advance. He looks for another takedown, only for Ferguson to wrap up a d’arce and fall back for it. Dariush seemingly waiting it out. One minute in. Still looking for the choke. Dariush pops his head free and they start whacking each other. Two minutes in. Hard ground-and-pound from Dariush. Half guard now. Good sweep from Ferguson; Dariush looks for his back in the scramble, then a leg with two minutes to go.

Dariush cranks on the heel hook and Ferguson is in visible agony. He can’t get the tap, though, so he returns to guard and keeps pounding. One minute to go. Back to half guard, then full. Ferguson still throwing elbows off of his back. Dariush briefly takes mount. 10-9 Dariush.

Round 3: Ferguson is having a lot of trouble moving on that damaged leg. They swing for a bit until Dariush shoots, rotating Ferguson on the way down to snuff out a guillotine. North-south for Dariush. One minute in. Ferguson with his feet on the cage, Dariush unable to get much going as he holds him down. Two minutes in. Back to side control. Dariush continuing to snuff out any attempt to stand. Two minutes to go.

Ferguson trying to wrap up a choke off his back, can’t get anything going. Dariush landing in transition. One minute to go. Back to full guard. Both swing until the bell. 10-9 Dariush.

Final result: Dariush def. Ferguson by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Matt Schnell vs. Rogerio Bontorin

Round 1: Low kick lands for Schnell. Combination a minute in. Low kick again. Bontorin lands one. Very slow start. Counter flurry from Schnell. Two minutes in. Bontorin leg kick. 3-2-3 from Bontorin. Schnell body kick. Lead right and hard 1-2 land for the Brazilian. Two minutes to go.

Check hook from Bontorin. Heavy leg kick. Another left hook as Schnell tries to flurry. Hard leg kick. Both men land heavy blows in the center with a minute to go. Hard calf kick seems to bother Schnell. He comes back with a body kick. 10-9 Bontorin.

Round 2: Early head kick from Schnell, good right hand soon after. They trade low kicks. One minute in. Bontorin going to the well with the counter hook. Schnell counters a calf kick with a flurry. Another combination. Both land left hands. Two minutes in. 2-3 from Schnell. Counter hook lands for Bontorin. Good exchange. Schnell combination. Sharp lead right. Two minutes to go.

Bontorin low kick, Schnell 1-2. Bontorin cracks him with a southpaw 2-1. Counter hooks, then a big left hand that wobbles Schnell. Bontorin tries to follow up, can’t land the knee. One minute to go. Schnell tries a head kick. They trade in the last 10 seconds. 10-9 Bontorin.

Round 3: Good exchange in the center to start. High volume from Schnell. Schnell looking for jabs. One minute in. Low kick from Bontorin. They trade in the center. Another leg kick. Combination by Bontorin. Leg kick two minutes in. They swing big near the center. Good lead right by Schnell. Stiff jab. Brutal combination from Bontorin and they slug it out on the fence until Bontorin dumps him down into guard. Two minutes to go.

Schnell swatting at him from his back. Elbows and punches from the Brazilian. Good pass to side control. One minute to go. Elbow, heavy punches from turtle. Schnell tries to roll free, unable to. More punches. Schnell tries another roll. Another pass by Bontorin. 10-9 Bontorin.

Final result: Bontorin def. Schnell by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Viviane Araujo vs. Katlyn Chookagian

Round 1: Araujo advancing, Chookagian circling. Combinations from Chookagian. Araujo goes low-high, slings a big right hand up top. One minute in. Check hook connects. 10203 from the Brazilian. Body shot. 1-2. Two minutes in. Araujo with a right downstairs. Chookagian comes back with a combo. Two minutes to go.

Chookagian having trouble with the range, walks into a left hook. They exchange in the center. Another heavy check hook by Araujo. Body shot. She shoots with a minute to go. They stay on the fence until the bell.

Round 2: They trade left hooks to start. Teep knocks Araujo on her butt, Chookagian can’t capitalize. Low kick lands for her. Check hook from Araujo met by a side kick. Chookagian landing better so far a minute in. Araujo with a right to the body. She catches a body kick and takes Chookagian down into side control. Chookagian regains half guard as Araujo hunts a guillotine. Two minutes in. Full mount for Araujo after losing the choke. Looking for the arm triangle with two minutes to go.

Chookagian gets her arm free and manages to scramble up, landing a hard 1-2 on the way up. Left hook by Araujo. Chookagian landing jabs, heavy right hand behind it. Araujo starting to slow with a minute to go. More volume from Chookagian. Counter lefts from Araujo. 10-9 Araujo but it’s close.

Round 3: Araujo back on the advance. Chookagian landing off the back foot. Left hand from Araujo. One minute in. Lots of jabs landing for Chookagian. Right hand behind a knee attempt. They trade right hands. Chookagian lands a knee. They trade in the center two minutes in. Chookagian with a definite volume edge this round; Araujo seemingly trying to pick her shots but getting picked off. Side kick from Chookagian. Two minutes to go.

Araujo lands a check hook. Counter right. Chookagian nearly catches her with a head kick. Araujo shoots, can’t get her down, eats a knee on the break. 1-2 from Chookagian. Another big 1-2 with a minute to go. Leg kick connects. Both land left hooks. More Chookagian jabs, eats a heavy right hand. They end the fight exchanging. 10-9 Chookagian; comes down to the second round.

Final result: Chookagian def. Araujo by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Edson Barboza vs. Shane Burgos

Round 1: Heavy low kicks from Barboza right away. Nice combo from Burgos, eats a right hand. Swatting right from Burgos, who continues to eat hard leg kicks. Trading jabs. Burgos body shot a minute in. More low kicks from Barboza. Body shot connects. Burgos doing a slightly better job of getting his leg out of reach. He avoids a spinning back kick and briefly ties up two minutes in. Another Barboza leg kick. Burgos to the body. Both swing right hands. Two minutes to go.

Burgos landing jabs. Wheel kick from Barboza barely blocked, overhand right lands clean. Burgos continues to march forward, gets buckled by a jab. One minute to go. Brutal counter right by the Brazilian. 1-2. More leg kicks. Burgos still pressuring. Good left hook catches Barboza circling, body kick behind it. 10-9 Barboza.

Round 2: Burgos back on the march. Counter right from Barboza. Good right from Burgos, eats a leg kick. Spinning back kick from Barboza. Jab exchange. Burgos goes low-high with right hands. One minute in. Barboza sends out body and low kicks. Good 1-2 knocks Barboza back; his shin is pouring blood, but he lands a heavy low kick with it anyway. Brutal punches from both in the center. Two minutes in. 3-2 from Burgos. Good body shot. Another left hook upstairs and a leg kick of his own. They exchange in the center. Stiff jab and body kick by Barboza. Burgos back to the body with two minutes to go.

Spinning back kick lands again for Barboza, as does a leg kick. Counter right hand answers a leg kick. Burgos body kick, Barboza leg kick. Trading jabs. Heavy low kick from Burgos, monster 1-2 from Barboza in return. One minute to go. Barboza goes for a flying knee. Switch kick downstairs. Burgos bangs the body. Again. More rib roasters. Barboza tries a combination, just misses with the wheel kick. 10-9 Burgos.

Round 3: Trading leg kicks to start. Barboza jabs the body. Counter uppercut misses, leg kick connects. Burgos looks for a 2-3. They trade low kicks in the center. Again. Barboza lands a huge 1-2 and, seconds later, Burgos staggers back and crumples to the mat. Two more on the unconscious Burgos and it’s over.

Final result: Barboza def. Burgos by TKO (punches)

185 lbs.: Andre Muniz vs. Ronaldo Souza

Round 1: Tentative start to the fight. Body kick from Souza, eats one in return. Muniz low kick. Souza fires a combo and shoots. One minute in. He completes the takedown and drops hard punches. Muniz makes space and stands. Three-piece combo. He shoots, puts Souza on his back and sets up in guard two minutes in. Souza works his way to his feet and fights to break Muniz’s grip. He does so and separates with two minutes to go.

Muniz tries a head kick, times a kick for a takwdown. Souza kicks him off, but Muniz latches onto his back. As Souza seems poised to slip out the back door, Muniz latches onto his arm and produces a gruesome break.

Final result: Muniz def. Souza by technical submission (armbar)

145 lbs.: Mike Grundy vs. Lando Vannata

Round 1: Early step-back right from Vannata. Grundy lands a straight left and shoots, landing a knee to the groin as they jockey. They resume a minute in. Vannata tries a combination, gets taken down off a kick but pops up. Grundy stays attached through the granby roll. He switches to a single-leg, can’t get it. Two minutes in. Good knee and right hand from Vannata, who gets taken down throwing a kick. Good Browne elbows. They separate with two minutes to go.

1-2 from Vannata, teep downstairs. Wheel kick attempt. Head kick attempt. Well-timed shot by Grundy, good defense from Vannata. One minute to go. Straight right lands for Grundy, then a left hook. Another right hand into a level change. Vannata avoids a high-crotch and separates. Close round. 10-9 Grundy?

Round 2: Good counter right from Vannata. Brief exchange. Grundy shoots in and ties up again. Heavy knee on the break. 1-2-3, body shot by Vannata. Head kick attempt. One minute in. Low kick lands. Grundy tries a single-leg, can’t establish. They trade right hands. Two minutes in. Vannata tries a head kick. Big right hand from Grundy. He tries to catch a knee, can’t use it. Low kick from Vannata. Two minutes to go.

Left hook lands for Grundy. They trade in the center. Right hook and low kick by Vannata. Feinted spin. Both land right hands. Grundy shoots, denied. Sneaky head kick by Vannata with a minute to go. Body kick. Another big right hand by Grundy. Vannata with a teep. 10-9 Vannata.

Round 3: Aggressive early takedown attempts from Grundy. Two good right hands. Vannata lands an uppercut and calf kick. Combination attempt. Well-timed knee. Grundy shoots through it and grabs a front headlock in the scramble. Big takedown by Vannata in return puts him on top in guard. Grundy uses the fence and stands two minutes in. Body kick from Vannata. Again. Straight right by Grundy answered in kind. Counter knee by Vannata. Right hand around the guard. Grundy lands a straight right. Two minutes to go.

Vannata tries a head kick. Grundy straight right. Vannata lands a body kick.One minute to go. Grundy straight left, Vannata knee. Grundy body kick. He shoots, denied. Vannata with a straight left and body kick. 10-9 Vannata.

Final result: Vannata def. Grundy by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Jamie Pickett vs. Jordan Wright

Round 1: Early exchange in the center. Both end out kicks. Pickett puts him on the fence, eats a knee and gets floored by Browne elbows. Wright continuing to swarm, and despite Pickett’s best effort, the onslaught is too much.

Final result: Wright def. Pickett by TKO (strikes)

125 lbs.: Andrea Lee vs. Antonina Shevchenko

Round 1: Lee sending out kicks, Shevchenko threatening 1-2s. Right hand lads for Shevchenko. One minute in. Several right hands in sequence. Lee with a right hand, falling short with kicks. Shevchenko tries a spinning back fist and Lee puts her on the fence. Trading knees inside, then separation. Three-piece from Lee. Trading in tehe center, Thai clinch from Shevchenko. Good knees downstairs. They separate. 1-2 connects. Two minutes to go.

Lee punches into the clinch, then separates. Counter right by Shevchenko. She tries to spin, eats a head kick and gets hauled to the fence. Inside trip puts Lee on top in guard. One minute to go. Some ground-and-pound from Lee. 10-9 Lee.

Round 2: Lee tries to spin, then hits a throw when Shevchenko ties up. Back up, back down into side control. Looking for the crucifix, takes mount and locks up a triangle. One minute in. Heavy elbows. Shevchenko surviving so far. Two minutes in. Shevchenko gets a good angle, still can’t get the tap. Two minutes to go

Hard elbows from Lee. One minute to go. Still hunting the choke. She transitions to the armbar and that forces the tap.

Final result: Lee def. Shevchenko by submission (triangle armbar)

125 lbs.: Priscila Cachoeira vs. Gina Mazany

Round 1: Cachoeira slowly advancing, lands a knee. Straight lefts from Mazany, who eats a right hand and shoots in. Outside trip puts her on top in side control. One minute in. Cachoeira works her way up, tripped right back down into half guard. Mazany staying heavy two minutes in. Short elbow. Looking for mount with two minutes to go.

Cachoeira works her way back to her feet and they trade on the break. Knees from Mazany and a double-leg into half guard when Cachoeira tries to open up. One minute to go. Short left hands from Mazany. 10-9 Mazany.

Round 2: Body kick from Mazany to start. She shoots, bowls her over into half guard. The occasional short punch. One minute in. Cachoeira tries to scramble, avoids a back take, closes guard. Two minutes in. Referee stands them up for lack of activity. Body kick from Mazany. Two minutes to go.

Cachoeira stuffs a long-range shot, lands a good counter right. Another stuffed takedown, then a heavy counter right. Mazany shoots, denied. Left hand connects. Cachoeira marching after her, landing right hands. Mazany shoots again, denied. One minute to go.They trade power hands against the fence. Cachoeira ties up, then separates. Mazany looking exhausted. Big right hand from Cachoeira and Mazany starts turning her back. She keeps up the punches and scores the finish.

Final result: Cachoeira def. Mazany by TKO (punches)

145 lbs.: Kevin Aguilar vs. Tucker Lutz

Round 1: Aguilar looks to counter a leg kick. Capping combinations with how own low kicks. Lutz digs a right downstairs, both land in the clinch. One minute in. Aguilar combo, kicks from Lutz in return. Good knee by Aguilar. Low-high combo. He answers a body kick with a 2-3. Good left hook by Lutz two minutes in as they exchange. Body shot. Good body kick. Aguilar double jab. 1-2-3-3, lead uppercut both land for Lutz with two minutes to go.

Lutz leg kick, Aguilar body shots. Double left hook by Lutz. Blast double puts Lutz on top in guard. One minute to go. Aguilar trying to stand against the fence. 10-9 Lutz.

Round 2: Good exchanges to start, sharp left hooks by Lutz. Aguilar body kick, low-high 2-3. Lutz winds up for the uppercut, lands leg kicks. Heavy exchanges. One minute in. Big combo by Lutz, Aguilar tries to plant and counter. Big lead hook from Lutz. Knee to left hook. Aguilar takes him to the fence, looking for a takedown. Two minutes in. Lutz gets an underhook and exits with a knee. Aguilar rips the body with two minutes to go.

Check right hand lands for Lutz, who hits another easy double-leg into guard. Aguilar makes it to his feet and they trade with a minute to go. Low kicks from Lutz. Double left hook. Lutz steps into the clinch, gets pressed against the fence. 10-9 Lutz.

Round 3: Aguilar coming out like he knows he’s down, throwing heat. Lutz firing his own combinations. Huge uppercut from Lutz knocks Aguilar back and they continue to trade. 1-2 lands for Aguilar a minute in. Lead overhand right, body shot. Low kicks from Luntz, who hits a well-timed takedown into guard. Aguilar trying to work off of his back. He does so, eats right hands along the way. Two minutes to go.

Lutz digs a right to the body. He shoots, denied. Aguilar shoots in return. Lutz grabs double unders and reverses on the fence. They separate with a minute to go. 1-2 from Lutz. Looking for combos, lands a leg kick. Sneaky shift left. Aguilar knocks him back with a left hand. Aguilar marching after him , can’t catch him. 10-9 Aguilar.

Final result: Lutz def. Aguilar by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Christos Giagos vs. Sean Soriano

Round 1: Soriano advancing early. Counter right from Giagos knocks him off-balance. Soriano answers with e heavy leg kick, prompting Giagos to shoot. Giagos switches to a double-leg and tries to take the back a minute in. Soriano breaks his grip and separates. Another clean counter right by Giagos, who eats another leg kick. Good combination by Soriano two minutes in. Another one wobbles Giagos, who walks into another counter combo. Soriano takes a finger in the eye that slows things down. Giagos tries to swing big after coming back and gets plugged by yet another right hand. Two minutes to go.

Stiff jab, good sprawl by Soriano, who follows up with a body kick. Giagos with a knee, eats a left hook as they trade in the center. Low kicks from Soriano. One minute to go. They trade right hands. Giagos low kick. Heavy counter hook by Soriano, then slips throwing a head kick. Giagos with a body kick to double-leg against the fence. 10-9 Soriano.

Round 2: Glancing lead right from Giagos, who eats a left hook as they exchange. He shoots, great scramble to land on top in side control. Soriano rolls to his knees, only for Giagos to wrap up an ultra-deep d’arce that puts him to sleep.

Final result: Giagos def. Soriano by technical submission (d’arce choke)

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