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Report: Derek Anderson falsified Bellator 258 medical records, slapped with four-month suspension

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Bellator MMA

Derek Anderson suffered a badly broken nose at the hands of Michael Page at Bellator 258 last weekend (Fri., May 7, 2021), which came along with a first round technical knockout defeat. But, once the dust settled, “The Barbaric’s” troubles were just beginning. Indeed, the Mohegan Sun Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation has suspended Anderson for a period of four months for falsifying his medical records prior to the fight, according to MMA Junkie.

“When you falsify a pre-fight medical form when they ask you about your health, that’s a concern of mine,” Michael Mazzulli, Director of Athletic Regulation - Mohegan Tribe. “We’re worried about the fighters’ safety. That’s my biggest problem. I’m not going to take it lightly. It’s not OK.”

Had it not been for an Instagram post from Anderson revealing his issues with his kidneys leading up to the fight, the athletic commission would have likely never known.

“Still smiling. Thank you @bellatormma @therealscottcoker Love to be back ASAP but went to the hospital 4 times as I was having kidney failure my whole camp and could hardly train, I wanted to make this fight happen,” he wrote. “I’ll be back after a short vacation to recover and now I have some new wounds to lick. To my friends, family, and fans I LOVE you all and don’t worry about the haters I’m happy I get to lead the life I do and criticism is part of it. Broke my hand drawing first blood so there’s that but all respect to @michaelvenompage definitely want to do it again sometime.”

Anderson — the No. 6 ranked Welterweight at Bellator — won’t be able to return to action until Sept. 2021 at the earliest. He reportedly earned $40,000 to show, $40,000 to win to risk full-blown kidney failure ... and his life.

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