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Video: Jon Jones kills heavyweight training session with 20 MPH sprint

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UFC 235: Jones v Smith Photo by Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

Jon Jones is doing his best to prepare himself for a successful tenure in the UFC’s dangerous heavyweight division. The former UFC light heavyweight champion has all of the physical gifts to make a smooth transition, but Jones has to put all his ducks in a row if he truly wants to capitalize on a move up in weight.

Luckily, Jones is a freak of nature. The 33-year-old veteran has not only added on enough muscle to bulk up to 250 pounds but he’s consistently putting up 500-600 pounds in the weight room, proving that his body has already adapted to the life of a heavyweight.

While some have questioned Jones’ speed as a heavyweight compared to his days at 205 pounds there isn’t much proof that “Bones” is slowing down with more weight. In fact, the former UFC champion posted the below video to Instagram on Friday showing off his top-end speed. It’s quite impressive to see a 250-pound fighter jump on the treadmill for a 20 MPH sprint, but Jones makes it look easy.

As of now it’s unclear who Jones will fight in his heavyweight debut. “Bones” is desperately trying to lock down a fight with current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou but the promotion doesn’t want to pay up to make it happen. Jones has made it clear that he doesn’t need to return to action until that fight is booked but we all know the former UFC light heavyweight champion can’t stay away for too long.

In any case, Jones is going to need this type of speed to get past some of the best guys in the heavyweight division, whether that’s Ngannou or somebody else. It should be one of Jones’ biggest weapons against stronger and larger competition.