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Midnight Mania! Darren Till grills ‘human punching bag’ Marvin Vettori over injury inquiry

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UFC Fight Night: Hermansson v Vettori Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It can be easy to get mixed up with the frequent UFC shows, but this weekend’s main event of Marvin Vettori vs. Kevin Holland was supposed to feature “The Italian Dream” opposite England’s premier Middleweight, Darren Till. Unfortunately, Till suffered a major injury in training, reportedly breaking his collar bone.

In recent interviews, Vettori has referred to the injury as “suspicious,” wondering aloud if Till was simply using the injury as an excuse to pull out of the contest. Till did not appreciate his comments, and he took to Instagram to fire back.

“@marvinvettori whats up with you mate? You missing a few cells or something?” Till wrote. “If only you f*cking knew what I went through this camp to get 2 fight you. Inside & outside the gym! Let’s have it right mate you were going to be my easiest fight, You are a walking punch bag who’s tough. Nothing more & nothing less. So keep ur bitter mouth shut.

“For you or anyone to even think for one minute I’d pull out of a fight with some bullsh*t excuse makes me howl. Every fight camp I guarantee I train through way harsher injuries than you and 90% of the roster. What you want me to do? I’ve broke my f*cking collarbone u utter moron. Make sure u win Saturday. & here’s some advice u ugly looking lord of the rings ork motherf*cker. Just be happy for ur peers, Be happy the fact adesanya beat u, Be happy the fact I was going to school u, & be happy ur at the top in one of the most devastating sports in the world, Stop being a hater u bum. And ur not from Italy uve lived in California most of ur life u lying bastard. I’ll tag u in my x-ray so u can sleep easy tonight.”

Since this rant, Till has followed up with more Lord Of The Rings-related trash talk. If Vettori is indeed victorious this weekend, perhaps this additional element of Till’s pullout and the subsequent bad blood will raise the stakes when the two do eventually meet inside the Octagon.


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