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Here’s video of Wanderlei Silva getting Chute Boxed by his son in the garage

For those newer UFC and MMA fans who may not be familiar with the old days of Chute Boxe, I can assure you it was probably the last place you ever wanted to go train. In fact, I’m not even sure you could classify that slaughterhouse as “training” since it was basically just a bunch of savages beating the shit out of each other every day with little or no protection.

Front and center was former PRIDE FC wrecking ball Wanderlei Silva, who eventually made his way to UFC, though I’m sure “The Axe Murderer” would probably like to forget that chapter of his storied combat sports career considering how ugly it ended back in 2014. Silva, who turns 45 in July, went on to go 0-2 for Bellator MMA from 2017-18.

These days, the brick-fisted Brazilian is content to keep the Chute Boxe spirit alive in his garage, along with the fistic assistance from son Thor, who I guess is now “The Hatchet Murderer” — but don’t quote me on that (or anything else I say since most of it is fabricated). If you can overlook the porn ‘stache, you’re like to see some of Wandy’s shadow in Lil’ Thor, who recently won his Muay Thai debut in just 33 seconds.

In other pointless news, perennial potty mouth Phil Baroni is celebrating infidelity on Twitter.

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