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Eddie Alvarez wants ONE Championship to overturn DQ loss to Iuri Lapicus — ‘I won fair and square’

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who also wore gold for Bellator MMA, was hoping to add a ONE Championship title to his fireplace mantle after signing with the Singapore-based MMA promotion back in Oct. 2018.

Unfortunately, “The Underground King” has lost two of his first three fights, including his April 7 disqualification (DQ) loss to Iuri Lapicus. Alvarez, however, insists he won the fight “fair and square” and blames referee Justin Brown for botching the call.

“I don’t see how it’s not overturned,” Alvarez said after the fight (transcribed by Damon Martin). “I don’t discredit anyone based on what happens inside that cage. Referee, judging, all that. It’s high emotions and you have to make decisions based on a split second and I think the replay and after everybody goes back and looks will see everything was done righteously. I won fair and square.”

Alvarez (30-8, 1 NC) scored an early takedown in the opening frame and moved to a dominant position against Lapicus. What followed were a series of punishing strikes — some of which appeared to land on the back of the Moldovan’s head.

Have a look:

“I’m not trying to anger anyone or climb up any trees,” Alvarez continued. “I won tonight. I just hope that they go back and look at it and reverse the decision. I’ve made decisions in my past and I’ll be a man and step up and say that it was wrong. But tonight, I won. I think the American media and a lot of media know that I did and are pissed off about it.”

Unlike stateside promotions, ONE Championship is not governed by a local athletic commission and must therefore regulate its own events. That gives CEO Chatri Sityodtong and his team the power to make changes as they see fit.

“Eddie, the problem is that there were four or five illegal blows,” Sityodtong said in a video statement on April 8. “We reviewed it three times. Eddie didn’t have visibility because I know Eddie definitely didn’t mean to do it.”

Lapicus is listed in “stable” condition.

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