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UFC Venum Fight Kits are now for sale — here’s what they look like

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The UFC “Fight Kits” worn by MMA fighters competing inside the Octagon are now for sale, following the transition from Reebok to Venum (more on that here). And for those combat sports fans looking to rep their favorite athletes, select kits are now available at the online store on the promotion’s official website.

So how do they look? You be the judge:

And for the ladies:

Compare those to the Reebok rollout from 2015 right here.

Venum Fight Kits are front and center in the promotion’s global outfitting and apparel partnership, awarding fight night payouts for those fighters who wear the appropriate gear during fight week and abide by the UFC Code of Conduct.

For a comprehensive list of those payouts click here.

UFC fans already stretched thin on the promotion’s pay-per-view (PPV) plan on ESPN+ will find little relief from the apparel pricing. For example, a walkout hoodie will run you $150. Shorts range from $130-$140. Heck, even a simple hat starts at $40.

Those fans interested in buying can head over to the UFC store here and here.

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