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Gina Carano’s tweets banished to a galaxy far far away

She’s been fired from Star Wars’ The Mandalorian and scrubbed from Disney+. Now Gina Carano’s Twitter account has been throttled because of “sensitive content filter.”

Premiere Of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” - Arrivals Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

The hits keep coming for Gina Carano, whose beating at the hands of Cris Cyborg back in 2009 has officially been eclipsed by the brutal canceling she’s been subjected to by Disney.

Carano was on the verge of signing a big money deal to play her popular Star Wars character Cara Dune across a number of spin-off shows before her social media misadventures ended up getting her fired. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Carano’s upcoming appearance on Disney+ sub-brand National Geographic’s Running Wild with Bear Gryllis was also scrubbed from the show, showing just how far of a reach The Mouse has when it comes to disappearing someone’s career.

Carano has since teamed up with right wing news outlet The Daily Wire, which is reportedly developing Star Wars and John Wick-style movie projects for her. But her attempts to rebrand herself as a political firebrand speaking truth to power took another hit today when her reach was shortened even further: Twitter has locked her account behind a “sensitive content” filter that seriously impacts her reach and visibility.

Dubbed by many as a “shadow ban,” Twitter claims the move isn’t a shadow ban. but an attempt to “address bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or detract from healthy conversation. As a specific example, if a search result has 30,000 tweets, here’s what we take into consideration when ranking: Tweets from people you’re interested in should be ranked highly, Tweets that are popular are likely to be interesting and should be higher ranked, and Tweets from bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or divide the conversation should be ranked lower.”

I know people have called Carano a bad actor, but this is next level stuff. It’s hard to tell exactly how throttled Carano’s account is (hence why non-corporate shills call it a shadow ban), but her @GinaCarano account doesn’t currently pop up when you type “Gina Carano” into Twitter’s search bar.

Who knows which individual social media post may have triggered this new level of disparu upon Carano, but she has been pretty vocal about how she considers COVID-19 safety measures to be part of a dystopian nightmare. We’ve seen numerous big tech companies take serious action against what they consider pandemic misinformation, so our bet is on that.

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