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Conor McGregor sells off majority control of Proper 12 whiskey for whopping $600 million

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Conor McGregor is one big step closer to being a billionaire.

Back in March, reports started circulating that McGregor had sold off his Proper 12 whiskey brand to Proximo Spirits for some ridiculous nine-figure sum. Now, the deal has been made official and is getting a big promotional push from all involved parties, and the details are pretty impressive.

Originally it was estimated that McGregor would make somewhere in the realm of $130 million for selling off controlling interest in Proper 12. But, according to Shenken News Daily — the business journal of note for the alcohol biz — the deal is “worth up to $600 million for brand co-founders Conor McGregor, Audie Attar and Ken Austin.”

That figure doesn’t include the $250 million the three Proper 12 founders made since Proximo bought a 49 percent stake in the business two years ago. Not bad for a little whiskey business started in Sept. 2018.

The new ownership percentages are not being published, but McGregor still owns an unknown interest in the brand and will stay on as Proper 12’s brand ambassador. So look forward to many more dancing McGregor .gifs on your screen during UFC pay-per-views.

Wow!! In just under 3 years, we went from a dream, to the biggest Irish Whiskey in the world! A HUGE step for Proper...

Posted by Conor McGregor on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Between this massive deal and McGregor fighting in January and July, “The Notorious” is looking like he could bust his way to the very top of this year’s Forbes highest paid athletes list ... which we honestly feel is a bigger goal for him than winning the Dustin Poirier trilogy in July. I mean, I’m sure he’d be upset if he lost the rubber match with “Diamond.” But if he had the choice between one or the other, I think we all know which he’d pick.

And who knows ... maybe he’ll do both.

The deal also puts McGregor on a legit course to becoming a billionaire, and let me just tell you, “UFC fighter becomes billionaire” is not something we were expecting to be a possibility, but barring a complete meltdown (certainly possible for the Irish sports star), we’d say the odds are pretty good McGregor makes it in the next couple of years.

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