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ONE on TNT 4 results, live streaming fight coverage

ONE Championship “Dawn Of Heroes” In Manila, Philippines Photo by George Calvelo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

ONE Championship concludes its month-long stint on TNT tonight (Weds., April 28, 2021) with a title fight at the helm and a slew of familiar faces to set the stage. will deliver LIVE coverage of tonight’s main card, which kicks off at 10 p.m. ET on TNT. We’ll also provide quick results of the undercard, which begins at 8:30 p.m. ET on B/R Live.

This week’s featured attraction sees ONE Light Heavyweight Champion Aung La N Sang rematch unbeaten Dutchman Reinier de Ridder, who claimed N Sang’s Middleweight title via first-round submission in Oct. 2020. Elsewhere on the main card, Eddie Alvarez looks to bounce back from his recent “disqualification” non-loss against ONE on TNT 3 winner Ok Rae Young and Heavyweight sensation Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane take on fellow unbeaten Kirill Grishenko.

ONE on TNT 4’s undercard includes both a rematch between Eduard Folayang and Shinya Aoki and the latest from Colbey Northcutt, sister of Sage.

ONE on TNT 4 Quick Results:

Aung La N Sang vs. Reinier de Ridder — de Ridder def. Aung La by unanimous decision (WATCH HERE!)
Eddie Alvarez vs. Ok Rae Yoon — Ok def. Alvarez by unanimous decision (WATCH HERE!)
Oumar Kane vs. Kirill Grishenko — Grishenko def. Kane by TKO (punch) at 5:00 of Round Two
Eduard Folayang vs. Shinya Aoki — Aoki def. Folayang by submission (armbar) at 4:20 of Round One
Jackie Buntan vs. Ekaterina Vandaryeva (Muay Thai) — Buntan def. Vandaryeva by majority decision
Colbey Northcutt vs. Courtney Martin — Northcutt def. Martin by submission (armbar) at 2:28 of Round One

ONE on TNT 4 Round-by-Round Updates:

Light Heavyweight Championship: Aung La N Sang vs. Reinier de Ridder

Round one: de Ridder shoots in the opening seconds and drags Aung La to the mat near the fence. Good scramble, de Ridder lands on top in half guard. One minute in. de Ridder threatens a guillotine, then moves to mount, quickly taking the back and wrapping up the body triangle. Looking to soften Aung La up. Two minutes in. Continuing to punch away from the back. Looking to transition to an arm triangle with two minutes to go.

That looks deep. de Ridder steps over into side control. Aung La manages to survive and get to his feet, looking for big punches from the top. de Ridder regains his guard, can’t get the armbar. Aung La stands over and kicks at his legs. de Ridder in the lead after one.

Round two: de Ridder shoots, gets rebuffed, shoots back in, and drags Aung La down. Aung La trying to stand with the fence. Back to his feet, gives up a single-leg. He stands and lands a pair of good uppercuts before getting taken down again. Back up, back down. de Ridder on top in butterfly guard, then half guard. Two minutes to go.

Slick pass to mount. Short elbows. Aung La uses the fence to roll to a knee, de Ridder trying to take the back. He drags Aung La back down and puts in both hooks with a minute to go. He loses one, looking for a twister setup. Now side control, landing short elbows. Grounded knee to the head as well. de Ridder increasing the lead.

Round three: de Ridder tries a head kick, lands a jab. He bowls Aung La over with a single-leg. He’s got the back again a minute in. Aung La making an effort, but getting dominated on the mat. de Ridder takes mount, looks to set up a d’arce, lands a knee to the head. More knees from that grip. Two minutes to go.

Aung La makes it back to the feet, dragged back to a knee. One minute to go. They stay against the fence until the bell. All de Ridder.

Round four: de Ridder goes right back to the single-leg and drags him down in the first few seconds. Back to mount 40 seconds later. One minute in. Aung La tries to scramble and gives up the back. Both hooks in. Two minutes to go. Aung La dislodges a hook, de Ridder puts it back in before wrapping up the body triangle. Two minutes to go.

Full mount. de Ridder maintaining position, not doing much damage. This continues until the bell. Aung La needs a miracle.

Round five: de Ridder goes back to the single-leg, then switches to the body lock. Outside trip puts him back on top. Half guard a minute in. Full mount. Aung La manages to sweep into guard around two minutes in. de Ridder closes his guard. Aung La not offering much from the top. Two minutes to go.

Aung La still can’t get the GnP going. de Ridder staying active off his back. One minute to go. Round ends there. de Ridder by a mile.

Final result: de Ridder def. Aung La by unanimous decision

Lightweight: Eddie Alvarez vs. Ok Rae Yoon

Round one: Hard leg kick from Alvarez to start. Ok avoids the next couple, lands one of his own. Alvarez looks for a single-leg and completes it despite eating Browne elbows. Ok pops right back to his feet, prompting Alvarez to re-shoot. One minute in. Knee to the body from Alvarez. Ok continuing to defend the takedown, landing the occasional elbow. Two minutes in. Alvarez drags him down into side control, still can’t keep him down. They separate with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Ok. Trading jabs. Alvarez leg kick, stung by a counter right and left hook. Ok cracks him with a low kicks and a head kick, then floors Alvarez with a 1-2. Ok hammering away in guard. One minute to go. He elects to let Alvarez stand when the finish isn’t there. Another right hand and knee. Ok on the attack, absorbs some hard punches that back him off. Big exchanges before the bell. Ok with a significant lead.

Round two: And of course the official B/R stream dies as soon as the second round starts. It picks back up with Alvarez pressing Ok against the fence. One minute in. They separate and Ok looks for jabs. He lands a right hand, gets taken down throwing a left hook. Right back to his feet. Ok turns and separates two minutes in. Alvarez shoots again, manages to lock his hands, can’t get it. Two minutes to go.

Separation, another level change from Alvarez. One minute to go. Ok reverses and separates. Both wing punches. Alvarez shoots again. Left hook from Ok, head kick to right hand by Alvarez and another shot. Better round from Alvarez, not enough to offset the disaster in the first.

Round three: Early left hook and low kicks from Alvarez. The quick turnaround might be getting to Ok, who fights off another takedown and lands a body kick. Overhand right from Alvarez. Big left hook and he shoots into a knee. Elbows from Ok as he defends and they separate. Two low kicks, then a head kick attempt from Ok. Alvarez ducks a 1-2 for a takedown, again can’t establish. They separate. Hard right cross by Ok stings Alvarez. Low kick lands in return. Alvarez rips the body and ties up again. Knees from Ok in the clinch two minutes in. Good right cross by Ok. Stiff jab, has to fight off another takedown. Does so. Two minutes to go.

Low kick from Alvarez, avoids a 1-1-2. Ok stiff-arms a takedown attempt away. Alvarez shoot again. Hard drive, can’t get it. Left hook from Alvarez, low kick from Ok. Alvarez 2-3 with a minute to go. Ok uppercut, Alvarez left hook. Another counter knee by Ok as Alvarez shoots. Left hooks from Ok, who blocks a head kick and eats a left hook before stuffing a takedown. Alvarez spinning back fist, eats a big knee in the clinch. Left hook from Alvarez. Both land big right hands late. Ok should win this.

Final result: Ok def. Alvarez by unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Oumar Kane vs. Kirill Grishenko

Round one: Grishenko fires a front kick, then fights of.f a takedown with underhooks. Jockeying for position on the fence. One minute in. Grishenko looking for knees. Punches to the body as well. Two minutes in. Grishenko fires some knees downstairs and they separate, at which point Kane gets a hard warning not to grab the shorts. Low kick from Kane. Two minutes to go.

Grishenko advancing, lands a right cross. Leg kick connects. Head kick, jab , uppercut, knee as he denies a takedown. He puts Kane on the fence. One minute to go. They separate. Kane circling, seemingly out of ideas. Grishenko goes for a spinning back fist and Kane takes him down after the bell. Grishenko with a comfortable lead.

Round two: Kane tries a head kick, then flurries after Grishenko looks to press the advantage on the fence. They separate. One minute in. Grishenko continuing to patienly advance, whiffs on a wheel kick. Kane tries to capitalize and eats a knee to the body as he ties up. Continuing to press him against the fence. Two minutes in. Kane lands an uppercut as he flurries on the break. Low kick lands for Grishenko. Two minutes to go.

Kane puts Grishenko on the fence once again. One minute to go. More grinding, then they trade at the bell and Kane hits the deck. Not sure what’s going on, especially since ONE went to commercial. Maybe Kane trying to milk a late shot?

And they’re calling it a TKO; looks like the punch was just before the ref broke ‘em up.

Final result: Grishenko def. Kane by TKO (punch)

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