Money Pool 2.0 Season 2

So, after a failure to launch, all went smoothly for season one of The Money Pool on the Fight Picks phone app. First, let me briefly recap the results:

  1. The Pride
  2. Gorillapunt
  3. Taiter
Shockingly, The Pride won once again. What is it, number 7? Guy is pretty good even if his x-factor pick percentage is shit. As for event wins ...

The Pride won three events
ShivanTiger won two
kg 12 won one
Joben won one
Akaisuisei won one
bkennedy1126 won one
MrG won one

Now, the time has come again to start a new season, so let's get to it! If you were in the previous league, I'll be inviting you to the new one today. If you are not among those who won an event, you'll still owe kg 12 $20 for the new season.

Now, for anyone else interested, let's get into some copy + paste!

Info on how to join from the previous post for any newcomers:

Want in? Make an account on the app above and tell me your screen name. Ideally, make a username similar to your MMAmania one for simplicity's sake. Then, email the treasurer: for instructions on how to pay.

If you've bought into the money pool previously, the system is the same, just don't speak about it on here.
All is intended to be business as usual. $20 buys you into the season, which will last for 10 UFC events. There is no hot bout on the new system, and there's no differentiation between split and unanimous decisions. Points are awarded for picking the correct winner, correct round, and correct method -- as well as a bonus for getting everything right.

If you know your stuff -- or even if you don't -- give it a shot!

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