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Covington: Kamaru ‘Juiceman’ needed PEDs to beat ‘joke’ Masvidal — ‘He’s the CEO of EPO’

UFC President Dana White has already declared No. 1-ranked welterweight contender Colby Covington the next in line for a crack at the 170-pound title, a rematch against Kamaru Usman after “Chaos” came up short against “The Nigerian Nightmare” at UFC 245 back in late 2019.

But Usman may need to make significant changes to his gameplan if he wants to retain his strap, or perhaps “find a new chemist,” because his EPO-assisted victory over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 last weekend in Jacksonville won’t be nearly enough to secure victory in his Covington do-over.

That’s according to “Chaos.”

“No way I’m impressed by that. Did you guys not see how gassed he was at the end of the first round? I mean, Marty Juiceman, he’s the CEO of EPO,” Covington told Submission Radio. “So, I didn’t see anything special. If anything, he needs to find a new chemist, a new scientist to get him some new formulated drugs, because he looked like shit. He was gassed in the end of that first round, he was done. If he’s fighting me in there, he doesn’t last three rounds fighting like that.”

Covington previously trained with Masvidal at American Top Team and considered “Gamebred” one of his best friends; however, “Chaos” trampled that relationship en route to the top of the 170-pound division, where’s he’s been able to compile an 8-1 record over the last five years.

Just don’t bank on a “Street Judas” grudge match.

“What did we expect? Street Judas has got what, 20 losses on his record? I mean, the guy’s a joke,” Covington continued. “I’m going to be champion when I beat Marty Fakenewsman in a couple of months, why would I fight a journeyman, a guy who’s on two straight losses, just got knocked out unconscious on the biggest stage. The guy’s fragile, man. He’s got no chin. To be honest, what I make of it is, no commission would approve me fighting him. That would be suicide, man. Look at what Marty just did to him. Can you imagine what I would do to him?”

Covington is hoping to secure an Usman rematch by August.

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