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Conor McGregor impersonator gets three years in cage for drug dealing

This guy parlayed his resemblance of Conor McGregor into a thriving U.K. drug dealing operation.

Surrey Police

Mark Nye may not be the first Conor McGregor impersonator we’ve seen over the years, but he’s the first to land himself in jail using Conor McGregor’s identity.

Nye, a 34-year-old drug dealer operating in Surrey, U.K., was pulled over by police and caught red handed with Class A drugs and two mobile phones loaded with messages detailing his illicit deals. When the police asked him for his name, he initially told them it was “Conor.”

Surrey Police

Also found, according to the Irish Post: hundreds of business cards reading, “McGregor Enterprise” that Nye used to promote his underground business. On the back was written, “The best drops in Surrey.” We’re glad to see the McGregor name still represents the best, even when it’s being used as part of a marketing / identity scam.

Nye was sentenced to three years in jail, proving that it’s not enough to look like Conor McGregor or act like Conor McGregor. It’s the McGregor money that really saves you from getting locked in a cage when you break the law.

The real Conor McGregor will be returning to the Octagon at UFC 264 on on July 10, 2021, for a rubber match against Dustin Poirier, who knocked out the Irish sports star back in Jan. 2021. Previous to that, McGregor held a first round knockout over Dustin Poirier from 2014. Now, it all comes down to the third fight.

Come July, we’ll find out whether McGregor still has the “best drops” in the business.

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