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Chuck Liddell blames infamous spaced out 2007 morning show appearance on Ambien

It all makes so much more sense now!

2015 Playboy Super Bowl Party Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Long-time fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) remember the days when Chuck Liddell ruled the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight division with an iron fist. They’ll also remember his fall from grace, which was about as sudden and final as Ronda Rousey’s. One moment no one could touch him and then suddenly Quinton “Rampage” Jackson knocked him out in the first round and it was all downhill from there.

There were signs that Liddell was taking his eye off the ball. Stories of his hard partying ways were well known, and if you happened to be in Las Vegas the night before an “Iceman” fight there was a chance you might run into the man himself partying on the strip.

Liddell managed to keep it together enough in the public eye for the most part, but there is an infamous clip of him on a WFAA “Good Morning Texas” show where a clearly blitzed and half-conscious Liddell muttered and slurred his way through a 6 a.m. interview.

For years Liddell just blamed the situation on Nyquil and pneumonia, while fans passed it off as a case of the Don’t-Give-A-S—ts. And hey ... if you don’t want UFC asking you to do normie breakfast show bulls—t, doing what Liddell did that morning was the perfect way to get out of ever having to do that stuff again again.

But, now we’re getting a little more context from Chuck Liddell’s new “Icebreakers” podcast.

“That night I didn’t go out,” Liddell insisted. “I hadn’t gone out cause I was sick from going out! I took Ambien. My buddy gave me Ambien. I was having problems sleeping. I don’t know how they woke me up. They got me, they didn’t wake me up mentally, but they got me to that show somehow. I don’t know how.”

The question we have is how much Ambien Liddell took, because the “Iceman” was zonked out the entire day.

“For me, I didn’t even remember getting home,” Liddell said. “I was in Texas. I had to fly to San Diego and somebody drove me from San Diego to [San Luis Obispo], and I don’t remember getting home. That’s how bad that was. It was the weirdest.”

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