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Dana White is mad at Sean Shelby (not Jeremy Stephens) for Drakkar Klose shove at UFC weigh ins

Dave Sholler gets a pass. Sean Shelby? Not so much ...

Longtime UFC lightweight veteran Jeremy Stephens, who also competed in the 145-pound weight class, was unable to compete at the UFC Vegas 24 mixed martial arts (MMA) event last weekend in “Sin City” after two-handing Drakkar Klose at the pre-fight weigh ins.

The “savage” shove resulted in whiplash and a concussion for Klose.

“Dramas Klose just got a little too close, with aggressive behavior walking up knowing we about to fight, I just have zero tolerance for that type of disrespect,” Stephens wrote on social media.

Don’t expect any repercussions from promotion president Dana White, who places the blame on UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby. White was out of town during the weigh-in event and had Shelby taking his place on stage during fighter face offs.

“Sean Shelby missed that one. Sean Shelby, you know, Sean and I see the thing differently,” White told TSN (transcribed by Simon Samano). “I saw the thing happen on social media and I called Sean and was like, ‘Dude, where was your head on that one? [Stephens] was coming in hot, it’s Jeremy Stephens, he’s a savage. We’re not standing there to look good and take pictures. We’re there to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

White is expected to rebook their lightweight fight just as soon as Klose recovers from his injuries (more on that here), which were likely exacerbated by dehydration after days spent cutting down to the 155-pound weight limit.

Stay tuned.

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