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Midnight Mania! UFC Flyweight Jimmy Flick explains retirement, ‘Fighters are too stupid to unionize’

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UFC Fight Night Flick v Durden Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Over the weekend, news broke that UFC Flyweight Jimmy Flick announced his retirement at a regional promotion. It came as a definite surprise; Flick had a majorly successful 2020, winning four fights that included an LFA title, “Contender Series” victory, and incredible flying triangle in his UFC debut that earned him an extra $50 grand.

In terms of his combat sports future, things appeared to be looking up for the 30-year-old veteran, who fought for over a decade before ever stepping into the Octagon. However, upon making it there, Flick realized that being a UFC fighter was not the path for him or his family.

“I need to justify what I mean by that,” Flick said What the Heck (transcription via MMAFighting). “The UFC never did me wrong. I love everything the UFC did for me. I love the goals that I got to get to the UFC, to the person it made me.

“But what I mean by that is there’s no benefits of beating my body up no more being in the UFC. We have no 401k. We have no benefits. We have no fallback. Fighters are too stupid to unionize, and it’ll never happen, because there’s other fighters that will fight for that money. I love the money I got, but this is just to go show everybody that money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Flick has received some backlash for his decision, questioning his bravery and commitment. “The Brick” defended himself, citing his long career, as well as all the physical and mental trauma that goes into being a professional fighter.

“Look, I’ve got 20 pro fights,” Flick retorts. “I’ve fought UFC vets bare-knuckle, ... That’s not it. I’m 16-5, and it’s kill or be killed. I’ve only have three fights that went to decision. If the want is not there no more, I’m not going to do that to my family, to my coaches, to my training partners, everybody that sacrifices everything to help keep me going forward. It’s not there no more, and it was a hard way to find out, but I’m happy with that.”

Despite the abrupt retirement, Flick appears to already be at peace with his decision, though UFC has kept the door open for a potential return. He appears ready for the next chapter in his life, which involves writing a book about his journey to the Octagon.

[The UFC] did everything they said they were going to do in their contract, everything I agreed to,” he said. “There was nothing I wanted more. It’s just the fact that once I got there, and I experienced it, I realized it’s only going to take more from me, and I’m still going to have to keep my job to take care of my family and my loved ones.”


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