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Julian Marquez has a hot date on the pickleball court with the Kansas City Chiefs

Marquez hit way above his league again by calling out famous footballers after his UFC Vegas 23 win ... and getting positive responses!

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Nowadays when Julian Marquez fights, we’re split between waiting to see what he’ll do in the cage, and what he’ll do outside of it after he wins. Following a spectacular come-from-behind anaconda choke win against Maki Pitolo at UFC 258, Marquez “called out” Miley Cyrus, who responded enthusiastically to the request to be his Valentine.

Marquez would end up losing that “W” in the follow up tweets, but it was fun to watch. The dizzying highs, the crushing lows! The self-p0wnage of an epic nature!

Now, at UFC Vegas 23 (also dubbed UFC on ABC 2), Marquez put on a “Fight of the Night”-worthy performance against Sam Alvey, sleeping “Smile’n” in brutal fashion with the deepest rear-naked choke we’ve ever seen (watch it here). And once again he worked his magic in the post-fight interview.

“I am the entertainment you paid to see, but ABC gives it to you for free,” Marquez said . “So now I have a callout to give out to everyone from Kansas City. You guys know I’m the baddest man from Kansas City. The baddest middleweight in Missouri and this is one thing — it’s my time right now.”

“So Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, I challenge you guys to a badminton or pickleball competition straight up, if you guys want to see who the pound-for-pound champ is in Kansas City,” he continued. “This magnificent beard tops all of what you guys have to bring.”

For those of you too international to know, Kelce, Mahomes and Hill are members of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team, and pickleball is a badminton-esque game popular in the mid-west. Honestly, this whole thing couldn’t get more mid-western unless Marquez challenged the three to cornhole or disc golf.

Shockingly, his latest call out worked ... again! This dude has a post-fight interview genie lamp, I swear. Here’s the Chiefs players responding enthusiastically:

Uh-oh, looks like Kelce is a veteran of the well known Chicken N’ Pickle on the northside where the real pickleball ballers hang. So a victory for Julian isn’t assured.

Let’s just hope Marquez doesn’t blow the follow up on this one by asking Mahomes to tattoo “Cuban Missle Crisis” on his body. Or just by generally reminding anyone about his awful “Cuban Missile Crisis” nickname at all. The Miley Cyrus call out was a strong start that turned into a brutal fumble. As they say in the ol’ Pickledome, I wanna see Marquez stay outta tha kitchen and crush the flabjack like he does the serve. No volley llama!

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