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Marvin Vettori takes down Kevin Holland 11 times en route to decision win | UFC Vegas 23

UFC Fight Night: Vettori v Holland Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Marvin Vettori and Kevin Holland face off today (Sat., April 10, 2021) in a main event Middleweight clash from UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Vegas 23. It may not be the high-profile main event that anyone is desperate to see, but these two high-level Middleweights have a lot to gain and lose in this match up. Vettori is riding a serious wave of momentum, a hard-fought win streak that pushes him close to the title mix. Holland, alternatively, enters just three weeks removed from a fairly embarrassing loss, and this short-notice opportunity was a chance to make up for that defeat.

One man will leave the cage with his hand raised. Strap in for tonight’s main event and follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Holland opens with a pair of low kicks. Lots of kicks from Holland, one of which goes to the cup and stalls the action. Holland finds a right hand from the edge of his distance. Vettori moves the fight into the clinch, looking to score a takedown and slow his opponent’s fast start. Holland stuffs the shot and escapes back to the center. Vettori finds a left hand and moves back to the clinch. Holland stuffs a takedown, lands a couple kicks, then is pressed back into the cage. Vettori lands the trip takedown! The Italian is active with clubbing punches from within the guard. Holland kicks off the fence and returns to his feet, though he eats a heavy left hand. Vettori pressures to end an exciting round.

Round Two

Holland scores a nice lead right to start the second. Another clean right! Vettori rips a counter left and uses it to enter on the legs, completing a shot along the fence. Vettori settles in full guard, continuing to work. Holland looks for an armbar, eats punches for his efforts. Holland tries to stand with a minute remaining and is dragged back down. None of Vettori’s punches are insanely damaging, but he consistently worked Holland the entire round. Vettori lets a big flurry loose to end the round.

Holland’s eye is jacked up.

Round Three

Vettori wastes no time in double-legging his opponent to start the round — Holland cannot see out of his left eye. Vettori advances into mount and begins attacking the arm triangle. Holland escapes to his feet once again. His eye has rendered him largely defenseless, however, so it doesn’t take long for Vettori to put together a combination and take his foe down. Holland is back up again though! Credit to him, he’s trying. Vettori digs a 1-2 on the counter. Holland lands a trio of right hands, as well as an elbow at the end of the round. Vettori may be a touch fatigued?

Round Four

Big left hand land from Vettori starts the championship rounds. Holland fires back wildly and lands! Vettori drives into a double leg and completes it. Vettori chips away and moves into the turtle position. Holland stands up and is dragged back down, this time into mount! Another arm triangle attempt from the Italian. Holland is able to regain half guard, but he’s stuck on the bottom and running out of time.

Round Five

Vettori tries to back his foe into the fence, but Holland rips a nice right hand. Unfortunately for “Trail Blazer,” Vettori ducks under the ensuing flurry and scores yet another double leg. Holland fires some upkicks and uses that to stand, but he’s yanked right back down to the mat. Vettori advances to mount yet again. Holland bridges and escapes with a minute remaining, but Vettori takes him right back to the mat. Holland finishes the bout pressed into the cage, throwing short punches.

Result: Marvin Vettori defeats Kevin Holland via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-44)

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