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Midnight Mania! UFC Lightweight Alexander Munoz tracks down stolen car, push kicks screwdriver-wielding thief

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Here’s a very Sacramento, Calif., story.

Team Alpha Male’s Alexander Munoz has been living in The Golden State’s capital for several years now, working as one of the team’s wrestling coaches prior to getting the UFC call up in 2020. The Lightweight returns to action next week at UFC Vegas 24 opposite Luis Pena, but this story does not directly relate to his upcoming battle with “Violent Bob Ross.”

One morning during his fight camp, Munoz woke up to find his car stolen, and his retrieval effort turned out to be pretty epic. Speaking with Urijah Faber on The Cali Cast, Munoz told the whole story of tracking the car down, finding the thief, and nearly getting stabbed in the process.

“It was early in the morning,” Munoz began. “My girl woke me up, and she said, ‘Did you leave your car parked at the gym?’ No, I didn’t. I knew right away. I ran outside and it was gone. I knew it wasn’t there, filed a police report, and then I found it really fast.”

Munoz went looking around local homeless camps and areas, and it didn’t take long to find his car. While documenting the whole ordeal on Instagram, Munoz found the car empty of potential thieves, as well as his MMA and snowboarding gear. After calling the police and letting them know he’d located his car, Munoz began to search the area.

“I start looking around myself, I see this guy walking passed … I double-take him, and he’s wearing all my snowboard gear. He’s wearing my jacket, my pants, all my stuff. I double-back around and follow him back to my car, him and his buddy get in. I call the police, like, “Where are you at?” They said they were on their way, but I don’t know where they were … I basically hunted these guys down, chased ‘em down for probably five blocks. He jumps out, ‘You have a problem?’ Yeah man, you’re in my car! That’s my vehicle!”

Thus began something of a “high-speed chase” that ended when Munoz caught up to the thieves.

“I end up confronting them. One runs, the other one tries to run. I’m just jogging next to him, I see him getting tired, slowing down and breathing hard. He stole my training gear, I had a UFC picture signed … they knew I was a trained fighter!

“At that point, he panicked, and he pulled out a screwdriver and tried to rush me … so, he lunges at me with a screwdriver — I push kick him in the stomach. I got lucky with the timing I guess, took the breath out of him right away. He just laid down on the ground, so I started pulling all my clothes, like dragging him down the street. Give me my pants! I make him sit down on the curb until the cops come, and they were able to help me out.”


Okay, this is fairly hilarious.

On a related note, I have a poll for our readers ahead of tomorrow’s main event:


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