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Video: Watching Bruce Buffer introduce Mike Tyson is operatically amazing

It’s time!

Bruce Buffer, the “veteran voice of the Octagon,” was a recent guest on the Hotboxin’ podcast with Mike Tyson, where he was asked to introduce “Iron” in the same way he has for UFC fighters over the past several years.

Nailed it.

Buffer sits comfortably alongside his brother Michael and Jimmy Lennon Jr. as one of the most recognizable voices in combat sports. Personally, I’ve always been a Lenne Hardt guy, probably because I’m used to people screaming at me.

Tyson is hoping to make his return to the ring against Evander Holyfield on May 29, despite the fact that Team “Real Deal” insists the bout has been called off.

“I can see that happening, being in there, me and Holyfield,” Tyson told Haute Living. “The only thing we have to do is get some small, fundamental difference in paperwork done and it’s on to the races with me and Evander.”

Who will be introducing them remains to be seen.

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