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Video: Hot mic catches Khabib schooling Kevin Holland during UFC Vegas 22 — ‘Focus! Focus!’

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Give me some wrestling advice!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight motormouth Kevin Holland was getting beaten by Derek Brunson in the UFC Vegas 22 main event last weekend in “Sin City,” giving up takedowns in four of the five rounds of their 25-minute affair.

So “Trailblazer” asked cageside Khabib Nurmagomedov for advice.

Probably because the recently-retired “Eagle,” who once scored 21 takedowns in a three-round fight, is considered one of the most dominant ground fighters to ever compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

All Nurmagomedov could do was laugh and tell Holland to focus on Brunson.

Focus! Focus! Brunson there! Let’s go!

I’m sure it was frustrating for the corner of Holland, trying to coach the 28 year-old middleweight amid his constant yammering and clowning around — which UFC President Dana White affectionately referred to as a “mental breakdown.”

Here’s a different perspective:

The loss for Holland (21-6) snapped a five-fight winning streak; however, “Trailblazer” didn’t lose any ground in the 185-pound rankings. As for Brunson, he was able to crack the Top 5 with his commanding win, his fourth straight.

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