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Midnight Mania! Polyana Viana denies ‘revolting’ sexual comments from Colby Covington

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UFC Fight Night: Covington v Woodley Photo by Todd Lussier/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Just last week, Colby Covington came out with an interesting reason to decline a short-notice opportunity to fight Leon Edwards. Money demands are one thing — UFC and Covington have a long history of negotiation drama — but Covington also claimed he was “balls deep” in UFC Strawweight Polyana Viana and thus too busy for the main event slot.

Now, Viana has gone online to deny Covington’s claims.

“I have never given room for any kind of comment or judgment about my personal life,” Viana wrote (via Google Translate). “but it is not for me to judge the person’s attitude. I feel sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves. It is revolting.”

When “Chaos” posted the following picture to Instagram, the rumors that the two were dating immediately began. Viana immediately tried to quell them, responding on her page “we’re just friends” and explaining that she had a boyfriend.

Regardless of the truth behind the situation — this author has little doubt that Covington is likely promoting himself like usual — fairly graphic public claims of a sexual relationship with a coworker is likely not a great move. UFC tends to stay out of such situations, but it could make life at Covington’s new fight camp difficult.

He’s been kicked out of his home gym once before! “Chaos” might just run out of suitable places to train in South Florida at this rate.


Not even Khabib could save Kevin Holland from his own weirdness.

Many MMA fighters post lion pictures — only Amanda Nunes has earned the comparison.

Dan Hardy appears to have rebounded nicely from his UFC release (from commentary and seemingly from fighting too).

Provided the wrestler doesn’t actually attack the shoulder, the kimura should be legal in my opinion.

Alexander Volkanovski’s mom is not going to take crap from UFC or any Internet haters.

In case anyone was too worried, Tai Tuivasa did manage to score a shoey even without a crowd.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Never go full Hendo! In all seriousness, BRUTAL body-head setup.

Left kick to the body and lead right hand is a classic combination:

The Cage Warriors event over the weekend was absurdly violent. Here’s an example (as well as a demonstration on why to not hang around on the fence):

Random Land

A collection of roped up falls on climbing routes:

Midnight Music: I’ve spent the last couple days in Joshua Tree (big thanks to MMAmania OG Roy1 for letting me crash with him!), and there’s only one option musically:

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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