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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones trashes ‘hilarious’ Israel Adesanya, laughs off recent callout

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UFC 247 Jones v Reyes Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones is quick to take to Twitter when a would-be rival or former foe comes up short. As soon as Jan Blachowicz was named the victor over Israel Adesanya — thus ruining (for now) Adesanya’s Light Heavyweight dreams — “Bones” hopped online to mock the Middleweight. It seemed a decisive blow for Jones in their beef, largely ruining the chances of a Heavyweight super fight anytime soon.

Israel Adesanya, however, doesn’t believe so, insisting that the bout would still happen. The interview reached “Bones,” who immediately took the opportunity to laugh off the champion’s challenge, describing the situation as “hilarious.”

In addition, Jones attacked Adesanya’s skill set. “Bones” has been sensitive to the pound-for-pound rankings in the past, as well as the idea that anyone is better than him. Arguing that Adesanya only has “1/3 of an MMA game,” Jones accused the kickboxer of selling wolf tickets.

At the moment, neither man is booked, though their paths are currently diverging. Adesanya will return to Middleweight and take on the next top-ranked contender there, whereas Jones is likely to challenge the victor of UFC 260’s main event between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou sometime this Summer.

That said, if Twitter blows continue to be exchanged and hype grows, I wouldn’t rule out this match up eventually.


Elite Welterweights please fight each other, part two. Gilbert Burns is doing his part!

More rough times for CSA Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons:

Why is this so perfect?

This is a better approach for Aljamain Sterling than getting upset.

This Middleweight scrap should prove a lot of fun, but how does one follow up strangling a jiu-jitsu legend?

Some serious drive behind this takedown:

Kevin Holland can annoy me outside of the cage, but I love some in-fight goofery. This is all excellent banter!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

I have had the privilege of training with Raymond Daniels in the last month or so, and that man is an absolute wizard.

It’s definitely a good punch when the other guy spins.

A spinning wheel kick stiffens his foe up for a huge series of right hands:

Random Land

Derrick Lewis with a random bit of pain and poor decision-making:

Midnight Music: Spent the night listening to the soul station!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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