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Pic: Cro Cop Junior, 18, is coming ... and he’s JACKED just like his father

Mirko Filipovic was forced to retire from a long and storied combat career in 2019 after suffering a stroke. Still, his highlight reel lives on in perpetuity, featuring some of the most devastating knockouts you will ever see.

Relive some of them here.

But, the Filipovic name isn’t done wreaking havoc just yet because “Cro Cop’s” son, Ivan, is 18 now ... and he’s jacked, just like his old man. Mirko recently shared several pictures of father and son on Instagram, and the resemblance is uncanny.

While there isn’t an official record of Ivan taking part in any combat fights just yet, he has been training with his father since he could walk. In an interview in 2017, “Cro Cop” said that if his son chooses to follow in his footsteps, he would have his full support.

“If his heart is drawn to the sport, he will have my support. He will have, if nothing else, the best coach in the world,” he told Croatia Week.

Before calling it quits, Filipovic ended his mixed martial arts (MMA) career on a solid run, winning 10 in a row, including wins over Muhammed Lawal under the RIZIN banner, Gabriel Gonzaga while under contract with UFC, as well as a big win over Roy Nelson under the Bellator umbrella.

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