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Video: Bellator fighter rescues abandoned baby dumped by dad in middle of road

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Between bills, work, and COVID-19, I think a lot of struggling parents have felt the urge to stop their car, get out, and walk into the ocean, sort of like “D-Fens” from Falling Down.

Fuck this shit, I’m outta here.

One dopey dad actually went through with it, parking his truck in Eureka, Calif., and leaving his baby in the backseat to fend for herself. Fortunately for the tiny tot, Bellator MMA fighter Cass Bell and partner Chelsea Corral were on the scene.

“I originally started recording because we were worried the baby had been in the back of a car that was stolen and abandoned once we realized she was there,” Bell wrote on social media. “We were hoping someone would recognize her. She was too little to let us know who she was or if she was with a parent and she was locked inside the vehicle. We were in the right place at the right time, and thought it was super strange for someone to leave their car in the middle of the road. The mother has reached out and she is relieved she is safe.”

Eureka police arrived on scene and found (then detained) the unidentified man, according to a report from Redheaded Blackbelt. The baby was turned over to child welfare services but based on Facebook comments from Bell, it sounds like the mom has been located and reunited with her daughter.

As for the 33 year-old Bell, who’s 5-1 with four finishes, he’s expected to make his return to the cage for a bantamweight battle against the undefeated Jornel Lugo (5-0) at the Bellator 256 event on April 9 inside Mohegan Sun on Showtime.