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Derrick Lewis shared his favorite knockout with Joe Rogan

UFC Fight Night: Blaydes v Lewis Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Derrick Lewis has quite a few knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ... 12 to be exact, the most of any active fighter and tied for all-time with Vitor Belfort. And if you were wondering which one was his favorite? It has to be the Alexander Volkov one. That saw Lewis getting soundly beaten by the more technical Volkov for 14.5 minutes before turning things around in the last 30 seconds and knocking out “Drago.”

“That was [my favorite], yeah,” Lewis told Joe Rogan on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “The crowd made it real satisfying because of the way they reacted. And seeing the one guy from Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing his reaction made it all worthwhile.

“I was telling my coach in my camp, ‘I’m fighting a Russian guy, it would be cool to have one of those Rocky-type fights,” he continued. “And sure enough it was a Rocky-type fight. So crazy. It ended just like a Rocky movie.”

“My manager at home, he fainted. Lou said he fainted, he couldn’t take it any more,” Lewis said. “Everyone was so pumped about that, I heard the police were called because my neighbors, some fans, were just going so crazy.”

Lewis has quite a few knockout wins coming late in the fight, which is when he feels he’s most dangerous because he can finally completely empty his fuel reserves.

“I like when my coach says, ‘we got a minute left, we got 30 seconds left,’ because then I’m like, ‘okay, I have to let everything out,’” he said. “A lot of my fights, I finish in the last few seconds of my fight. So I like the last minute or last two minutes left, to really show what I’ve got left to really show what I’ve got left in my tank.”

“I wish the fans were there for the Curtis Blaydes fight. I’m pretty sure they would have went crazy for that one, too.”

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