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Video: This wild tornado kick KO might just steal the weekend

The weekend is just getting started but fight fans may have already seen the best knockout finish the combat sports world has to offer.

On Friday, a bunch of Muay Thai fights were held at Lion Fight 64 in Hutchinson, Kansas, live UFC Fight Pass. One of the matchups between Steve Walker and Brian Collette produced a finish that will leave you in awe.

In Round 1, Walker started to unload heavy kicks and punches as Collette tried to cover up and fell back into the corner. That’s when Walker teed him up and unleashed a ridiculous tornado kick that found its home through Collette’s defense and sent the fighter crashing into the ropes for the knockout finish. Check out the final sequence above courtesy of UFC Fight Pass.

It’s worth noting that Walker’s last victory also ended via head kick knockout. I guess this is why his nickname is “Put Em To Sleep.”

Do you think this will be the best finish of the combat sports weekend? Or will UFC Vegas 21 produce something even better?

Stick with Mania and follow UFC Vegas 21’s action RIGHT HERE to find out.

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