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No charges filed against MMA student who broke OU football player in bathroom beatdown

Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office won’t be filing charges in last month’s bathroom brawl that ended in corrective surgery for Sooners wide receiver Spencer Jones, who was pummeled by fellow Oklahoma University student Walker Brown.

Watch the video here.

The incident drew attention from the combat sports community after it was learned that Brown is trained in mixed martial arts (MMA). That said, district attorney Greg Mashburn referred to the men’s room mauling as a “mutual combat situation.”

“We have carefully considered the entirety of the circumstances surrounding the incident including a previous altercation between the parties and the actions that led up to the physical fight caught on camera by a bystander,” Mashburn said in today’s release. “My office has decided that no criminal charges are appropriate as this appears to be a mutual combat situation in which both parties voluntarily engaged in a fist fight.”

Jones suffered a broken left orbital socket during the melee. As for Walker, he recently underwent surgery to repair a torn biceps. It’s worth noting that Walker and his brother Braden Brown — also involved in the bathroom brawl — could still face a civil suit from Jones.

Not to get on my soapbox here, but as a former bouncer I can tell you that most bar fights are started over the dumbest shit imaginable (including pride) and usually end with police involvement, financial consequences and years of regret.

Just finish your beer and go home.

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