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Jake Paul doubles Ben Askren bet to $2 million, challenges Dana White to 2021 boxing match

UFC President Dana White is willing to bet $1 million that retired MMA welterweight Ben Askren defeats social media star Jake Paul when they collide in their pay-per-view (PPV) headliner on April 17 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Double or nothing?

“Dana let’s double the bet up! $2 Million,” Paul wrote on Instagram. “We wire the money into escrow. $4 million total. Winner takes all. My team will be in touch to make a contract. After I knockout Ben, we can set up Jake Paul Vs. Dana White 2021 since you consider yourself a ‘Boxer’ and me a ‘YouTuber.’”

Shit just got real.

Paul, 24, is 2-0 as a professional boxer with two knockouts while Askren is considered one of the worst strikers to ever compete in MMA. In addition, ”Funky” is 36 and coming off major hip surgery, making this a dangerous bet for even the most “degenerate” gambler.

“The Problem Child” is currently a 2-to-1 favorite.

White is no stranger to boxing grudge matches, having previously booked himself against longtime headache Tito Ortiz in a 2007 fight that never materialized. And since Paul has bounced Conor McGregor from contention, maybe it’s time for White to step in and take his place?

I’d buy that for a dollar (or 50).

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