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Jake Paul will probably fake an injury and pull out when he sees this savage new sparring video from Ben Askren

You’ve been warned.

I have bad news for all the jokers who made fun of Ben Askren’s striking.

Joke’s on you.

The “Funky” pugilist, who will be making his “sweet science” debut opposite social media ass-clown Jake Paul this April in Atlanta, recently released new footage of his training camp, which includes a look at his super-savage hands.

“Ben’s sparring is on point,” Askren (possibly) wrote on social media. “But the question seems to be: slow motion or real time? Check out the vlog and you decide. On April 17th it’ll be nothing but real time and JP won’t be able to keep up.”

I haven’t seen hands that fast since this viral video.

You know you’ve made it as an athlete when you can talk about yourself in third person, a la Barry Bonds, so don’t be surprised if Jake Paul fakes an injury and bails on Hotlanta after seeing this fearsome footage.

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