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Video: Former MLB star Jose Canseco gets knocked out in boxing match at ‘Rough N’ Rowdy’ 13

Jose Canseco v Via Sikahema Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Former MLB star Jose Canseco got knocked out earlier tonight (Fri., Feb. 5, 2021) during a boxing match at Barstool Sports’ ‘Rough N’ Rowdy’ 13.

Canseco, 56, was matched up against a 22-year-old Barstool Sports intern known as “Billy Football.” The two fighters did a good job at hyping up the bout with some pre-fight trash talk and actually backed it up when the action started.

Unfortunately for Canseco, the younger fighter landed the better shots as “Billy Football” put the former baseball player out in the very first round. Check out the highlight finish below:

This isn’t something we usually see on a combat sports weekend yet it still delivered some solid entertainment. Canseco is a former professional athlete who has participated in some celebrity boxing matches in the past, but he’s never looked this overmatched.

“Billy Football” for the win.

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