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Kayla Harrison ‘excited’ for potential PFL fight against ‘amazing’ Claressa Shields

Professional Fighters League (PFL) lightweight sensation Kayla Harrison, who recently dipper her toe into the 145-pound waters, is undefeated at 8-0 and $1 million richer after winning the promotion’s groundbreaking tournament back in 2019.

Not a bad way to start a cage-fighting career.

But Harrison may no longer be the talk of the PFL town now that boxing sensation Claressa Shields has entered the fold. And while the 25 year-old pugilist won’t see tournament action until 2022, an Olympian vs. Olympian “super fight” may not be far behind.

Consider it familiar ground.

“We’ve known each other since the 2012 Olympics,” Harrison told “She’s been a friend of mine for quite some time. She reached out to me and let me know she was signing (with PFL) and I said, ‘This is amazing, this is a great move for you business-wise as well as personally.’ She was kind of in the place I was in after 2016, I felt like there was nothing left to accomplish in judo. She’s at that point now in boxing. There’s not many mountains left for her to climb in boxing.”

Shields is undefeated in the “sweet science” at 10-0 and one of only eight pugilists in history to hold all four major world titles in boxing. While there was early talk of a potential career with UFC, Shields instead opted for a longer contract with PFL.

“I think it’s awesome,” Harrison continued. “I think she’s young, I think she’s talented, I think she’s hungry and I look forward to watching her career, watching it blossom. I’ll be here to help her and mentor her how I can. When ... if that day comes that we step into the cage together, it will be with respect and I’ll be excited about it.”

So too, will MMA fans.

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