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Nick Diaz looks ripped, on weight for UFC return — and ‘gossiping hoes’ can’t handle it

Nick Diaz looks like he could hit the lightweight mark in his current condition.

The longtime UFC welterweight has been teasing a 2021 comeback after spending more than six years on the sidelines. I wish I could tell you what he’s been up to during that time, but outside of smoking giant blunts, I have no idea.

And I don’t want to speculate like a gossiping hoe.

“The general is well some y’all gossiping hoes out there need to quit that n chill,” athletic recovery coach Jose Garcia wrote on social media (via “Nick Diaz is locked out of his social network. Not active in his social network due to that matter..YALL lames needs to stop praying for Nick Diaz downfall.. He has a couple of people on his ‘PEOPLE TO KILL’ list for his UFC return. Thank you for all your concerns for my brother. He is living a life better than most of us..... we are currently working to get Nick back on line #wardiaz Diaz army stay ready. When he calls it’s war.”

Diaz turned 37 back in August.

In order for the former Strikeforce champ to embark on his UFC comeback, he’ll first have to complete six-months of USADA drug testing, then get over the negotiating hump that nearly sent him to Bellator MMA the last time he contemplated an Octagon return.

If not, I hear Walmart is hiring.

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