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KSW hits back with heavy fines after in-cage brawl at latest event

A fight between Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic after their official fight is going to cost both fighters a lot of money.

KSW - Press

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) plans to run 11 events over the next 12 weeks, a pace that’s done wonders for sucking up a lot of Oxygen in the combat sports scene. But, this past weekend there was no UFC and a bunch of great fighting. There was an LFA show, GLORY kickboxing, an XMMA event with lots of UFC veterans.

And then there was a big KSW event from Poland.

KSW is great. There’s lots of exciting up and coming European talent on the cards, plus the promotion is not afraid to freakshow it up with massive bodybuilders and hip-hop artists on the roster. You can expect some wild sights at KSW events, but usually not this wild: at KSW 58 a full blown brawl broke out after Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic fought.

Musaev (in green) had just been awarded the win on the judges’ scorecards, prompting an angry Jurisic to antagonize Musaev’s team. Jurisic then confronted Musaev, who grabbed him in a body lock and slammed him.

Watch the ensuing mayhem below:

Now, KSW is reacting to the incident by throwing out some pretty hefty fines at the fighters involved.

Musaev is being fined 50 percent of his purse while Jurisic’s fine is set at 30 percent. The promotion will also be withholding “Fight of the Night” bonuses on account of the incident. Everyone who jumped into the cage after the fight has been banned from KSW.

“All of the funds from the penalties will be donated in its entirety to help the treatment of two young girls - Laura Paczula and Pola Omielanczuk, daughter of KSW and UFC veteran Daniel Omielanczuk,” the statement finished.

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