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Andrei Arlovski has the ugliest feet in UFC — but at least they’re not broken

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Since former UFC strawweight Paige VanZant is starting a foot fetish site (seriously), I thought now would be a good time to post what has to be the ugliest feet in UFC, attached to former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski.

Yes, it’s a slow news day, deal with it.

“The Pitbull” was handed a six-month suspension for damage incurred in his submission loss to Tom Aspinall as part of the UFC Vegas 19 event last weekend in “Sin City,” and I assumed — based on his Instagram photos — the damage was to his toes.

Nope, that’s just how they look.

“Looks ugly, but thank God not broken,” the Belarusian wrote on social media. “Week or two and get back to the gym.”

Arlovski, who is now 30-20 with two “no contest” bouts on his record, turned 42 earlier this month. That said, the promotion doesn’t seem to have any problem sending “The Pitbull” back into battle, so expect to see the ex-champ return at some point this summer.

Talons and all.