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Derrick Lewis defends extra punches after Blaydes KO: ‘He could turn into Undertaker and sit straight up’

UFC Fight Night: Blaydes v Lewis Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Derrick Lewis put Curtis Blaydes to sleep last night (Sat., Feb. 20, 2021) in a scary sequence that ended UFC Vegas 19’s main event (highlights HERE). “Black Beast” did exactly what he was supposed to do en route to a second-round knockout win, but the heavyweight contender is still catching some backlash for the few extra punches he landed on Blaydes.

Lewis, who came into the heavyweight clash a massive underdog, slumped Blaydes with a perfectly-timed uppercut in the second round that instantly stiffened the No. 2-ranked heavyweight contender. Referee Herb Dean was slow to step in and prevent Lewis from landing any additional shots so “Black Beast” was able to hit Blaydes with two extra right hands. The right hands were pretty vicious and certainly weren’t needed, but Lewis was playing within the rules of MMA and fought until the referee pulled him off.

Blaydes took a few minutes to come to and his corner obviously wasn’t happy with the outcome, especially the few extra shots that Lewis had landed. Lewis acknowledged that the final sequence went a little longer than it should have and screamed at Blaydes’ corner after the fight that it wasn’t his fault.

“Because his corner, his coaches was talking about, ‘That was bullsh*t.’ I was saying that’s not my fault, that’s Herb Dean’s fault,” Lewis said at the UFC Vegas 19 post-fight press conference (replay HERE).

“I’m going to keep fighting until the referee pulls you off. That’s with anyone. Same thing could happen to me. I’m going to just keep fighting until the referee says stop.”

Lewis, who now holds a four-fight win streak in the UFC’s heavyweight division, tied Vitor Belfort for most knockout finishes in UFC history (12) with his stoppage over Blaydes. “Black Beast” has unworldly power and usually doesn’t have to double tap any opponent inside of the cage, but the 36-year-old veteran wasn’t taking any chances against a beast like “Razor.”

“I can’t just turn the switch off just like that,” Lewis said. “I know some fighters could do that, but I can’t do that. I’ve got to wait until the referee pulls you off them, cause you never know what happens. Anything can happen.

“He could turn into ‘Undertaker’ and sit straight up and eat all those shots. You never know. You’ve got to keep going until the referee says chill out.”

Even though the stoppage was as brutal as they come it was quite beautiful. Lewis waited the entire fight for Blaydes to enter on a takedown and when he did “Black Beast” landed one of the more improbable uppercuts in recent memory. Blaydes’ chin was barely visible and Lewis still crashed his massive right hand into it.

What do you think, Maniacs? Did Lewis go overkill with his finish over Blaydes?

Sound off!

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