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Ted Cruz won’t get his ass beat by Derrick Lewis — ‘I told him, let me come with you’

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes: Athlete Panel Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has come under fire this week for taking a vacation to Cancun while the rest of the “Lone Star State” struggles with frigid weather and record-breaking temperatures that have left millions without water, power, and heat.

Since UFC Vegas 19 headliner Derrick Lewis is a proud Texan, there was some concern that “Black Beast” — a hero of his community — would be looking to knockout the embattled Republican the way Mattress Mack knocks out backorder slips.

“I actually took a selfie with him at the airport,” Lewis joked during the UFC Vegas 19 media day. “I told him, ‘Hey, let me come with you.’ He said, ‘No, they’re already giving me hell, so I’m going to come back anyways, I’m going to make it seem like I’m just going to drop my daughter off out there and I’m going to come right back the next day.’ I said all right, that’s cool my bad, I’m not even going to post the picture then. He said, ‘I appreciate it ‘Black Beast,’ handle business this weekend.’ I said, ‘All right, cool.’”

Lewis is no stranger to free passes.

Cruz has a history of lambasting politicians who skip town during natural disasters and tried to pin the vacation on his family by insisting he was merely a chaperone. Just one of many Canadian loopholes, I suppose.

While the rest of the “Beast” family tries to hold down the fort in Houston, Lewis will heat things up in the UFC Vegas 19 main event tomorrow night (Feb. 20) in Las Vegas, battling No. 2-ranked Curtis Blaydes for a spot in the heavyweight pecking order.

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