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Jake Paul slams ‘b-tch’ Tommy Fury for withdrawing: ‘That whole family is sketchy’

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley - Press Conference Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

After learning last week that Tommy Fury was forced to pull out of their scheduled boxing match on Dec. 18, 2021, Jake Paul didn’t make the announcement until two days later.

Naturally, “The Problem Child” wasn’t too thrilled with the news, revealing that initially he was told it was just a bacterial chest infection that was going to rule out Fury from the fight. Paul then went on to say “TNT’s” team “threw in the rib injury last minute,” which further added to his frustrations.

In fact, Paul is doubting the validity of the medical reasons, taking aim at the entire “sketchy” Fury family.

“The whole thing seems shady,” Paul said on a recent appearance on The MMA Hour. “He lied about the press conference in Las Vegas, saying his mom was sick so he had to fly home, which wasn’t true at all. Tyson Fury has a history of pulling out of fights.

“He has pulled out of five fights,” he continued. “The family is just sketchy. I feel like there is something else going on over there that they don’t want to say. Maybe they are not as confident or he wasn’t having a good camp or whatever it was. It just sucks, man. I fought with a broken nose, I fought sick. The last fight against Tyron I had a hyper-extended elbow. The show goes on. If you are really a fighter you are going to fight through those things.

“I am a little upset,” Paul continued. “I don’t get how grown men can be such bitches pulling out of fights like this. I really wanted to knock the Brit out and make him the laughing stock of the internet. I think he saw that coming and he cracked under pressure. And I am disappointed, you know?”

As far as revisiting the fight down the line, Paul is a little turned off with the idea.

“I don’t know how I feel about it,” Paul said. “For me, I almost don’t want to give him the opportunity. Let’s say I do, let’s say I get over the emotional part of it, I’ll give him this opportunity, who knows if he’s going to back out or have some excuse then, or have a chest infection or not show up to the press conference.

“It’s looking bad for him,” he concluded. “Part of me wants to just be cynical and not ever give him this payday or this opportunity ever again.”

One man’s loss is another’s gain because Tyron Woodley jumped at the chance to step in and avenge his loss to “The Problem Child” in August.

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