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Ridiculously jacked Conor McGregor has transformed into a 190-pound monster

Photos posted by the former Featherweight and Lightweight champion have “Notorious” looking almost unrecognizable.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Following his bad leg break back in July 2021 (see it), Conor McGregor has had a lot of time on his hands. He’s spent a lot of time rehabbing ... a lot of time talking trash on Twitter. And somehow he also managed to put a metric ton of time into working out because the dude is absolutely jacked in recent photos.

“No games when I get back,” McGregor wrote in one post. Another was captioned “190 lbs. of granite.”

We’re still a long way away from “The Notorious” being able to step back into a cage. Indeed, UFC President, Dana White, recently estimated it’d be April before McGregor would have the ability to train mixed martial arts (MMA) properly.

Will that mean four more months of McGregor pumping iron and sizing up?

It’s worth wondering if this indicates McGregor plans on coming back a weight class up. McGregor has regularly talked about winning the Welterweight title, but at the moment he’s still in the range of a large Lightweight. In fact, 35 pounds isn’t the most we’ve heard of lightweights cutting, so if we were going to put money on a guess, it’s that McGregor is looking to come back into the 155-pound division bigger and meaner than ever.

He’s also been talking about changing his strategy a bit. Old school McGregor used to say precision beats power. But, new McGregor seems interested in precision and power?

“Fighting for the KO is so easy when you simplify it: end ‘em all in one shot,” McGregor said in an audio clip posted to Twitter back in November. “I don’t care what the second or third or fourth shot is. You’re dead after one shot with me! And that’s the way we do it, yeah? Mince them after one shot. Get ‘em out in seconds. We’re not paid by the hour in that bleeding thing.”

McGregor and his team are clearly in the midst of some mad scientist business. We can’t imagine he’ll return to the cage sooner than summer 2022, though, so until then we’ll just have to live with sporadic updates through his social media channels.

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