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Marlon Vera slams ‘piece of sh-t’ Sean O’Malley for broadcasting his good deeds

On Christmas Eve, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight contender, Sean O’Malley, spread some Holiday cheer by blessing unsuspecting people at a local Walmart with cash ranging from $20 to $100.

Of course, “Suga” had a cameraman handy to catch the good deed on film and load it up to his YouTube channel. While the intention of giving money to people was good, there are critics who are always quick to bash someone helping out others and putting it on film for the world to see.

Marlon Vera is one of those people who took exception with O’Malley touting his video camera around, suggesting he was pretty much doing it for clicks.

“You don’t need a camera guy to help people you piece of s—t,” wrote an irate Vera on his Twitter page.

Of course, Vera and O’Malley have a bitter past because “Chito” handed “Suga” his first loss inside the Octagon at UFC 252 via first round knockout (see it here). Before the fight, the two exchanged barbs on social media and, apparently, even trading punches with each other didn’t do much to ease the beef.

There were talks about a rematch, but according to Vera, O’Malley wasn’t up to the task. Since the defeat, “Suga” has gone on to win three straight and earned his way back to the Top 15, while Vera has gone 2-1. Still, it seems these two are destined to meet against inside the eight-walled cage because their disdain toward each other hasn’t died one bit.

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