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Still-angry Hector Lombard wants to smash ‘stupid’ Tyron Woodley — ‘He’s just a p*ssy piece of sh*t’

Yes, Hector Lombard is still mad at Tyron Woodley.

Both fighters were embroiled in a scandalous affair with the same woman — documented by Lombard in this post — during their time together at American Top Team (ATT). And “Lightning” won’t rest until he’s able to exact revenge on the sneaky “Chosen One.”

“A lot of people want to see that fight. I know soon he will have no money, because he’s so dumb and stupid that he doesn’t know how to keep his money, and I’ll be waiting,” Lombard told MMA Fighting. “My beef or me wanting to fight him is not because he got beat up. My beef is for other things. It’s not like this beef is today or last year. It’s been around. Because he’s just a pussy piece of shit.”

Lombard was looking to fight Woodley in Nov. 2014 during the promotion’s trip to Australia, back when both combatants were still competing under the UFC banner. Unfortunately for “Lightning,” Woodley rejected the booking because it “didn’t work for his brand.”

“We were never teammates. He made that up for an excuse,” Lombard continued. “We trained once, I beat his ass and he knew that he couldn’t do shit with me, and that’s why he always [declined] fighting me. I was chasing him when I was at 170. I remember one day he tried to give me tips when I was fighting Jake Shields. Shut up. He was trying to give me tips again when I fought Nate Marquardt also. We never were friends. I can fight anything that he wants. We can do it all. I don’t give a fuck. Let’s do it any way you want.”

Woodley, 39, is just a few weeks removed from his knockout loss to Jake Paul in boxing. As for Lombard, 43, who now competes as a bare-knuckle boxer, he dropped the BKFC cruiserweight championship to Lorenzo Hunt last November in Miami.

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