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Midnight Mania! Sean Strickland claims Raymond Daniels knocked Tony Ferguson out in sparring

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UFC 262: Tony Ferguson v Beneil Dariush Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Sean Strickland has made some pretty wild claims on Twitter in the last few months, and he doesn’t seem intent on stopping anytime soon. Answering questions online, Strickland first shared a story about sparring Sage Northcutt and upsetting the “Super” athlete.

When a fan then replied asking if Strickland had ever sparred with Tony Ferguson, Strickland answered with one hell of a story. Per Strickland, Ferguson got mouthy with stud kickboxer and current Bellator MMA fighter, Raymond Daniels, and the outcome was a head kick knockout.

“Yeah he’s a c—t lol,” Strickland wrote of Ferguson. “Raymond Daniel’s pulled a head kick once and Tony got mad about it because he didn’t throw it hard so the next kick he knocked Tony out ...”

Now, sparring stories should always be taking with a grain of salt, particularly if they come from an unreliable narrator like Strickland. However, if there’s one fighter I personally could believe knocking just about anyone out, it’s “The Real Deal” Raymond Daniels.

Daniels is married to Colby Northcutt, sister to the aforementioned “Super Sage,” and that relationship has brought Daniels to my home gym of Team Alpha Male on several occasions. It’s a wonder to watch him work: his control, explosiveness, and variety of kicking techniques are seriously next level in person.

Not a guy to piss off!


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Midnight Music: A solid track off Low’s 2021 release Hey What, one of the better rock albums I heard this year.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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