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Hasbulla kicked off Instagram for threatening to kill someone

But Hazzy insists the ban was self-imposed.

UFC 267: Hasbulla Magomedov MMA News Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Move over Chucky, there’s another tiny terror at large (so to speak).

Social media sensation and UFC darling “Hasbulla” has been kicked off Instagram for threatening to kill someone, according to a report from Russian outlet (transcribed by Karim Zidan), which claims the 19 year-old Dagestani lost his temper when a video of his sister was uploaded without permission.

“I will not leave this girl alive until she apologizes to the whole of Instagram,” Hasbulla wrote prior to his account getting zapped. “Because she filmed a video of my sister and posted it for the entire Instagram.”

Hasbulla recently uploaded a new video to Twitter with an official lineup of social media profiles and insists his previous account was deactivated, not banned, following the dust-up with his sister and the unnamed girl. Thanks to a rare growth hormone deficiency, Hasbulla stands just 3’4” and weighs a mere 35 pounds.

In unrelated news, Abdu looks great as a penguin.

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