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Midnight Mania! Khamzat Chimaev fires back at ‘fake gangster’ Nate Diaz

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UFC 263: Adesanya v Vettori 2

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

In profoundly Nate Diaz fashion, the veteran slugger warded away talks of a highly risky match up vs. Khamzat Chimaev. Some “f—king idiots” have declared the bout a trap, an attempt to devalue Diaz on his way out, and appropriately, Diaz expressed no interest in fighting the “rookie” Russian.

Of course, Chimaev was never likely to take the insult quietly. In response to the Diaz snub, “Borz” jumped on Twitter to question Diaz’s gangster cred and assert his own dominance. Then, he declared Diaz “the easiest money for me.”

“You fake gangster @NateDiaz209,” Chimaev’s first Tweet began. “And I don’t care who to fight i’m coming for everybody, where are you all the gangsters and kings? I’m here to kill everyone i’m the king here i’m a gangster here.”

In addition, Chimaev took a shot at Nick Diaz. In an example of truly criminal matchmaking, UFC at one point intended Chimaev to fight the elder Diaz brother in his ill-fated return to action. Chimaev hasn’t forgotten and believes Nick Diaz fears him.

“Say hello to your older brother,” Chimaev continued. “Tell him not to be afraid of me, I don’t beat old people, he knows what I mean, in Vegas I just wanted to say hello well, poor man ran away.”

Chimaev has called out all sorts of potential opposition this week, but even after this round of trash talk, it seems unlikely that the Diaz brothers will take the bait. Instead, Chimaev will just have to search for a different huckleberry at 170- or 185-pounds.


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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